10 of the Best Upcoming Pages on Product Hunt

(I am in no way affiliated with Product Hunt. Just a fan)
I love building products that solve tangible problems.

Over the past few years, I have shipped over a dozen web-apps in front of the Product Hunt community. While not every side-project has been a brilliant success, this exercise has taught me a ton about collaborating with friends, identifying market opportunities, talking to customers, and generating momentum around ideas.

The latter — building momentum — I believe to be one of the most important parts of business (the most important being the actual product itself).

Navigating the rollercoaster and balancing emotions is always a challenge, but in practicing, over and over, I have become better at managing expectations and creating hype (both internally and externally).

A few months back, Product Hunt launched Upcoming.

Our mission has always been to surface awesome products and help makers connect with users. Recently we (semi-quietly) introduced a new feature called Upcoming to give the community a preview of tomorrow’s next 🔥 products, and makers an opportunity to build an audience and collect feedback before their public debut. 🚀

I have found this feature to be a great peek into the technology of tomorrow.

My friends and I are leveraging it to build Bookclub: a beautiful tool that helps you keep track of which books you read. You can get early access to it here 📚.

There are tons of projects I am excited about on Upcoming. Here are some of my favorite:


Holloway is a home for reliable practical knowledge that stays up-to-date.


Atoms is the one and only shoe meticulously designed for the everyday.
Its simple styling works for working, walking, doing nothing, the weekend, traveling, whatever.


Affinity is a relationship intelligence platform built to manage your most powerful asset in business, your network. As a lightweight people-based CRM, Affinity makes your job easier.

Product Hunt Teams

We’re working on a new way for makers to showcase their team (and so much more) ✨


Superhuman is the fastest email experience in the world.


After founders post their idea to Launchbids, developers place equity bids to build it. After some quick due diligence, the founders award a winner and they get to work 🚀


That’s why I am building Fable. Make a scan, get a personal 3D avatar, and create awesome videos in AR. 📸

History Search

Meet History Search, a search engine for your bookmarks and webpages that you’ve visited.

Make Sense

The Make SENSE Web App ⚡️ allows you to mine crypto rewards by committing your consumer app data (like GitHub and Reddit usage data) to the Ethereum blockchain.


Lastform, a stunning form & survey builder with advanced marketing features.


We are building on an app to help people manage their own outreach without hiring a PR company — using the power of AI to contact thousands of relevant journalists interested in your startup.


SeekWell eliminates menial, repetitive workflows so you can spend less time updating reports and spend more time adding value. Check us out at


We are building a sleep mask that uses light, sound and genetic testing to help you fall asleep faster and wake up with more energy.


Be it your sports league, student club, or weekend AirBnb, collecting money / dues from groups can be a pain. That’s why we built, a smart bot that does the dirty work for you 🤑

Thanks for reading!

Be sure to check out Bookclub: a beautiful way to track which books you read.

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