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Episode 61 of the Hacker Noon Podcast: An interview with Author/Entrepreneur Riz Virk:

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In this episode Derek Bernard interviews Hacker Noon contributing author, Riz Virk to discuss his recently published book, The Simulation Hypothesis. 
In a world where the nature of our being in this place we call reality is so often taken for granted amidst the need to sustain the status quo, Riz explores the very real possibility (and in some schools of thought, a very real PROBability) that what we experience as “real” is in fact a simulation akin to a video game with it’s quests, achievements, and leveling up through our experiences.
“What is Science and what is Religion? Both are attempts to try to find the truth about our physical reality and what is inside or outside of that reality and what the rules are. In the Simulation Hypothesis what science is actually discovering is what we in the video game world would call a physics engine.”
“The Simulation Hypothesis is a model that we live in an information-based reality that’s being rendered for each of us may end up coming closer to explaining these things than a lot of other models that are out there.”
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