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Top 5 Hacker Noon Podcast Episodes from Trent Lapinski

The Hacker Noon Podcast has released 22 episodes, and here are our 5 favorite episodes. If interested in becoming a guest or partner, let us know.

Since the launch of the Hacker Noon podcast in late 2018 we’ve interviewed some of the smartest people in technology. Because the Hacker Noon podcast arm has been a profitable arm of the company (much thanks to Digital Ocean, Datadog & Harbor), we will be making far more podcasts in 2019 than we did in 2018!

Here’s my 5 favorite of the Hacker Noon Podcast Episodes

Blockchain and Future Tech from the Crow’s Nest with Daniel Jefferies

“These things that we have now, they are still in their earliest phase. We barely understand them. They are going to evolve into something so mind bogglingly different from what we have today.” — Daniel Jeffries

Hacking The Job Market via Lambda School with Austen Allred

“For us, it is very important that when you graduate from Lambda, we want to say, ‘this person has a stamp of approval they understand these 120 things, and we know that and we verified that and people stand by them.” — Austen Allred

The Truth About Crypto PR with Kelley Weaver

“Having a minimum viable product is essential right now. Bitcoin is dead — you ‘know’ it from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.” — Kelley Weaver

Ending The Crypto Winter with Garry Tan and Brett Gibson of Initialized Capital

“There is too much money chasing too few deals, too few ideas, and too few good people. That’s insane to me. Definitely there’s too much money, but an infinite number of incredibly smart people. If you’re paying attention to Hacker News and Hacker Noon and you’re reading this stuff — this is the stuff I read when I was working for someone else’s startup. You and I are not different, we’re the same.” — Garry Tan & Brett Gibson

Hacking The Self with Nick Jankel

“What is purpose? Well, purpose is like love in action. It is that love and kindness that comes out into I’m going to take on this community issue, I’m going to take on a bigger social problem then I was before. Until we can access purpose within, and keep it stable within us, that control and protect mode of a monkey will keep going ‘forget the purpose, lets make another million, that would be really cool, then we’ll be loved’.” — Nick Seneca Jankel

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If you are interested in becoming a guest or partner, let us know.

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