Domi Online — Summit Recap & Developer Diary February/Marchby@domionline
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Domi Online — Summit Recap & Developer Diary February/March

by Domi OnlineApril 22nd, 2022
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Domi Online has been busy developing and presenting its innovative approach to GameFi to the wider blockchain gaming community. March has seen further progress and has proven to be a directional month, with the team attending the Avalanche summit and meeting amazing people deeply interested in the innovations Domi brings to the GameFi space.

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Domi Online has been busy developing game infrastructure and presenting its innovative approach to GameFi to the wider blockchain gaming community!

Hello, Dominators — it’s time for our regular community update!

In January, Domi provided our team with the initial foundation, set in stone, providing them the ability to go above and beyond our roadmap with precise care and great haste. February has shown itself to be a period during which those initial building blocks started to come together to create unmatched gameplay elements never before seen in the blockchain space. March has seen further progress and has proven to be a directional month, with the team attending the Avalanche summit and meeting amazing people deeply interested in the innovations Domi brings to the GameFi space.

It’s with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to share our experiences at the Avalanche summit and present the next chapters in our developer diary, so let’s grab our weapons and dive right in!

Avalanche Summit — Recap

Our CEO Pellek hosting a “gaming reveal” at the Avalanche summit

The Avalanche summit was incredible! Our CEO, Pellek, was invited to host a “Gaming Reveal” at the Subnet Stage on March 23rd. A huge audience attended and the reception our project received was phenomenal. Showcasing immersive medieval gameplay, alongside $DOMI token utility, our innovative platform underpinned by NFTs caught the audience by surprise. The summit allowed us to showcase to the world the work we are undertaking alongside our early strategic partner Avalanche, utilizing their unique and innovative subnet technologies to create a seamless experience within our in-game economy and enabling us to achieve a new level of blockchain performance never seen before — a fact not lost on those in attendance!

Interest-bearing Yield Tokens — injected into our NFTs!

Our speech at the Avalanche summit gave us the opportunity to express our dedication to providing a level of utility to NFTs never before seen in the GameFi industry. Once launched on Avalanche, we will be working alongside our partners Charged Particles Protocol to leverage their technology in providing our $DOMI utility token/NFT holders the unique opportunity to not only benefit from in-game functionality, but also to take advantage of the ability to lock interest-bearing yield tokens from DAPPs such as AAVE within our NFTs… permanently. This allows participating holders to earn and claim additional passive income from simply holding our NFTs, all while playing our fully immersive MMORPG!

Charged particles is a protocol that is sparking a DeFi revolution in GameFi! Domi Online is proud to work alongside our latest partner in Avalanche development, making sustainable GameFi a reality.

Charged Particles — What’s in your NFT?

Defi Injection Concept

Beyond providing seasonal rewards for participation, we intend to take a unique and innovative approach to the way play-to-earn mechanics are implemented in the Domi Online ecosystem through utilizing a new concept we like to call DeFi Injection. Gamefi projects promise “Play 2 Earn” capabilities, while in reality simply distributing their token as rewards. This fails to provide an everlasting experience for the project or players. Our unique approach instead allows us to realize the true potential of Play 2 Earn capabilities through Defi Injection by putting a large portion of our funding to work in various DAPPs such as TraderJoe, AAVE, Balancer, and Curve. The yield generated throughout each season will be locked and it will be up to our community to vote via governance on how they wish the rewards to be distributed/used. In this way, every player’s voice is heard and every player benefits as a result.

Initial Governance Enrollment

$DOMI holders in our Discord now have the ability to get involved with initial governance led by our team of developers. This first draft allows holders of a minimum of 500 $DOMI to participate in voting on proposals set forth by our development team. This great opportunity allows our community to engage and to make vital decisions involving the game leading up to alpha release.

To get involved in paving the future of Domi Online, join our Discord now!

First proposals set out for our community may include:

  • Original concept art of new creatures, characters, and items!
  • In-depth decisions on game mechanics and user functionality
  • Involvement in exclusive NFT utility/functionality before in-game implementation
  • Gameplay additions, such as new zones and elements
  • Events and seasonal rewards both in game and out of game

Live-action Trailer

Following the excitement of the Avalanche summit, our team began shooting our official live-action trailer with a fantastic crew of actors and extras. We invited everyone from our community to attend the shoot and get involved in the action!

More info regarding our live-action trailer to be revealed soon!

Live-action trailer reveal

February Development Update

Domi Online is proud to share our February Development Update!

Title Screen

An important update — we’ve now developed the first iteration of the title screen. For now, it’s a simple static screen showing your character and the login elements. But on top of that, we’ve also implemented the first version of the character creator with a limited number of options that will grow in the future.

Domi Online Login Screen / Account Creation

User Interface

MMOs have lots and lots of different elements that players interact with (commonly known as User Interface or UI) and Domi is no exception. It’s good to work on these systems at this point so that we can make sure that future content can be integrated right away. With that in mind, we have initially secured an asset pack to get started quickly while the team works on our custom elements, speeding up development.

The ability bar is now also fully functional, allowing the player to customize the placement of abilities, in addition to adding consumables such as food/equipment, giving the user full control of their placement and allowing the player the ability to alter the hot bar. Adding and removing armor and weapons is now possible, and a common place registering all the combat stats has been added. More importantly, this UI is connected with our stats system (Damage, Armor, Health, Stamina) which is now fully functional and affecting gameplay and combat.

Equipment and Inventory user interface

NPC Overheads

As seeing the information of the NPC you’re walking up to and how much damage you have done to your enemy are incredibly important to game play, we have now implemented improvements to our AI NPCs, including detailed information regarding their HP. Moving beyond NPC improvements, what’s an MMO without shopkeepers? The shop system is now deployed throughout Domi Online, allowing players to buy important items as well as to sell hard-earned loot!

NPC overhead showcase

And with great reward, comes great risk. New enemies have been added — keep your eyes open and your coin hidden, for outcasts/bandits now roam the lands!

March Development Update

Domi Online is proud to share our March Development Update!


The overall combat system is being improved daily. In February, we were mostly focused on tweaking the AI, the loot system, and loot drops. March has been a month dedicated to combat, adding new abilities and enhancing enemy AI. This allows players to take their own unique approaches to fighting, discovering new mechanics along the way. Throughout the update you can see a wide range of combat ability/skill improvements such as:

  • Unique class-specific buffs
  • Enhanced AOE spells
  • Ranged/Melee gameplay improvements
  • Core gameplay mechanics (kiting, dodging) implemented
  • Combat-ready camera controls

Interaction systems, targeting, and mechanics in addition to animations and overall player responsiveness have come an incredibly long way since our January update. We look forward to seeing how our player base adapts to fight new challenges that will appear throughout Domi Online.

New abilities meet new challenges

Environment and Map Updates

We are continuing to create the Domi environment and have achieved a lot in March, and the work will continue to evolve over the coming months. We recently grew the team through adding another environment artist, so our progress in development has really taken a leap in the right direction! We’ve finished sculpting the full mainland terrain, alongside updating our environment tech to ensure that our environment is not only good looking, but also scalable for the massive world Domi Online offers its players. Now that we have the tech in place, you can enjoy the beautiful trees, grass, plants, and terrain without needing an impossible-to-acquire graphics card! We continue to create a game by gamers, for gamers, to grow and share amazing experiences together.

Domi environment update

NFT Skin Prototypes… deployed!

Skin prototype development has begun! Our revolutionary modeling team has begun creating the formwork for our initial NFTs, which include weapon enchantments and character-customizable skins as well as housing. These are intended to encourage our community to immerse themselves in the world of Domi Online from an RPG perspective. In addition and as previously mentioned, we intend to inject interest-bearing yield tokens into our skin/cosmetic-based NFTs to allow our holders not only to enjoy in-game functionality, but also to earn passive income through interest-bearing yield tokens.

Exclusive preview: Hades Skin

The updates described above are only the beginning of what lies in store for players when Domi Online reaches release — for further information, please access community resources through the links provided below.

About Domi Online

Domi Online offers players an expansive medieval metaverse filled with forests, caves, and deserts among other varied and secret-filled areas open to discovery, adventure, and ultimate domination. Domi’s elite development team shares a rich history, including work on the world’s largest free MMORPG of all time, Runescape.

Featuring gameplay that incentivizes a player’s commitment to developing in-game skills and to increasing in-game status through an intricate levelling system, in a world featuring premier graphics and design, Domi Online ushers in a new era for first-person POV MMORPGs. An active community of gamers is the engine that drives the engagement and sustainability of Domi’s play-to-earn model into new realms of gaming experience.

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