Does Roblox Exploit Child Labor in the Metaverse?by@jeremyrayjewell

Does Roblox Exploit Child Labor in the Metaverse?

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TLDR: Roblox, a popular virtual platform, is under scrutiny for its exploitation of child labor and questionable business practices. British YouTuber Quintin Smith's investigations revealed that Roblox targets players aged 9 to 15 to create "experiences" (games) on the platform. Roblox takes a hefty 75.5% commission from developers, operates a closed economic system, and discourages fund withdrawals. Despite these practices, it claims not to be profitable, yet went public with a valuation of $41 billion. CEO Dave Baszucki's net worth is estimated at $8.3 billion. Roblox's platform capitalism fosters predatory behaviors and even has an in-game virtual stock market for NFT-like "collectibles." It's positioned to monetize the emerging metaverse, potentially concentrating power and repeating dark chapters in labor history. The metaverse's impact on labor and ethics remains uncertain, as powerful corporations embrace this evolving technology.
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