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DIY Simple CEO Dalip Celbeqiri On Work and Motivation [Interview]

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I had the chance to talk to the Facebook Video Expert Dalip Celbeqiri who is the "go-to-person" when it comes to creative marketing. You can catch him behind the scenes, usually brainstorming and creating master plans for viral content. Dalip is one of the founders and CEO for the company Following Media Inc. His team runs the marketing for some of the biggest brands like “DIY Simple“. His team currently holds the 2nd place for “most views on a Facebook video” with more than 4.5 billion minutes viewed in a year; 100% organically.

In this interview, I had a chance to sit down Dalip and ask him a few questions. Here's what he had to say.

What’s your backstory?

Growing up in the city of Durres, the internet world has always intrigued me from a young age. I never had a “regular” job, but I always made money on my own. My proactive and genuine approach, combined with my many contacts in different industries, allowed me to build something out of the ordinary. I've been in social media for the past 10 years now, since 2010.

Where did you come from, and where did it all start?

It started in Durres, Albania. I was at the high school and the only thing I wanted to do was work on own my stuff all day long. I was tired of doing presentations and exams about things I knew I would never get a use for, I wanted to jump into real-life and build my own business because when you write an exam, you can make mistakes, erase it and then correct it. When it’s real money, you don’t want to make a mistake because it will be more challenging to get it back. I wanted more than anything to start a new but more than anything a real adventure.

When did you start seeing success?

On my first trip meeting with my partners in Istanbul, we started creating/curating DIY content for our channel “DIY Simple”.

By the end of the first year we started monetizing it, and then making a few thousand from it, and also making crazy/exclusive and useful connections that brought us into a whole new level.

What motivates you every day to wake up and work?

Power, Freedom and The Grind. I’m a workaholic, so for me hustling is incorporated in my lifestyle 24/7.

I don’t even have to put an alarm, my mind knows the sleep cycle and when it’s time to wake up and get to work.

What is your definition of a “Doer”?

A Doer is a fighter who always wants to win. Being a doer comes with the ability to find a balance between your family, friends, and business. Being different from the masses, through action, and having an endless drive for success is what makes a true Doer. We don’t work 40 hours a week and stop there. We don’t even count the hours, because we are always working to become better, and taking advantage of every moment to improve in every aspect of life. We set goals daily, and we will work until we finish them. Having daily goals keeps me focused, hungry, and always wanting more.

How will you continue to grow and succeed?

Adapt to changes, maintain positive thinking, as well as trust/confidence - by working harder on my new ideas.

Staying creative is also a MUST for me, because it plays a big part in the work that I do.


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