Did You Know Developer Hunting is a Thing? by@cal.evans
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Did You Know Developer Hunting is a Thing?

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A Brief History of Software Developer Headhunting This article approaches the talent shortage from a different angle. I do not believe that it’s about hiring bonuses, “Golden Hellos”,  or other perks. The companies with the best talent pools–the ones that aren’t experiencing a hit because of the Great Resignation–are the companies that invest for the long-haul. If you aren’t willing to solve the problem in the long-term, you will forever be playing whack-a-mole. I started programming in 1985. Back then, pre-Internet, there wasn’t a huge demand for developers. When the Internet came along, things changed. Those of us that moved from “traditional” programming to “Web applications” began to see that there weren’t a lot of people in the field. The result was that as “Bubble 1” grew, developers that could make the Web do things could write their own ticket.

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