#Decentralized-Internet Writing Competition: July Results Announced by@hackernooncontests
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#Decentralized-Internet Writing Competition: July Results Announced

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Hey Hackers! July had been a great month! We got many superb #decentalized-internet stories, and now it is time to celebrate our contributors!

YES, WE LOVE OUR WRITERS, AND WE LOVE the idea of Decentralized Internet.

That's why HackerNoon has built a partnership with Free Ton (Now Eversclae), and we're giving away monthly prizes worth $3,500 to the best HackerNoon #Decentralized-Internet stories!

Here's how you can participate:

So, are you one of the winners of #Decentralized-Internet writing contest for the month of July? 👀 Let's find out.


Our Top 15 Contenders

First, we picked all the stories tagged with #Decentralized-Internet on HackerNoon, published in July 2021. Then we chose the top 15 stories using 60:30:10 weightage respectively to:

  • Number of hours read
  • Number of people reached
  • Freshness of the content

Here is the list of our top 15 contenders:

Le Democracy

We created a poll in HackerNoon's writing contest channel and asked the editors to vote. This time, there was a tie between three stories!


Each of these three got 14% of the votes. So we decided to rank them according to their overall score.


And the winners are *Drumroll 🥁* :

In the first place, we have Security issues in the Blockchain That Need To Be Talked About More.


@induction wins 2,000 TON crystals.

Congratulations, an insightful article indeed!

Not all developers from all blockchain networks are trusted. Some of them can secretly adjust the system to withdraw or issue excessive amounts of coin/token without the pre-warning to investors and even a single developer can collapse the entire project. It means, even the trusted project can make the scam exit without showing any sort of the classical scam signs.

The story in the second place is My Wife: A Strong Woman, Not a Vessel.

I’ve named this Hashmask “Not a Vessel” to honor my wife and all the women who fight to preserve their identity through pregnancy.

Alberto Cuesta Cañada - we really appreciate your sentiment, and congratulations on writing a winner story!

@albertocuestacanada wins 1000 TON crystals.

The third winner of this month is A Beginners Guide to Decentralized Internet.


Congratulations, @bhavjyot! You have won 500 TON crystals

Innovative services provided by ISPs and tech giants like Google and Facebook boosted the internet's growth. But, this has resulted in power being in the hands of few and the internet being controlled by governments and tech service providers.

That's a wrap! We'll contact winners for the payments. Enjoy!


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