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How to Enter

How to Enter the

Decentralized Internet Writing Contest


Write a story about decentralizing the internet

Submit the article on Hacker Noon with the #decentralized-internet tag

If your article is published, share it across the interwebs with #DecentralizedInternet in the caption

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You must be 18+ to enter. There are no location restrictions, you can enter the contest from anywhere in the world. 

Real names can add validity, but meritocracy trumps all. If you create a new Hacker Noon account under a pseudonym and if you are a finalist, we’ll contact you privately to award your prize.

Almost anything under the sun, as long as it follows Hacker Noon’s general submission guidelines

The contest will run for a total of one year -

from April 1st 2021 to December 31st, 2021,

with prizes awarded at the end of each month.

Yes. Contestants can submit as many #decentralized-internet stories as they want each month. The more the merrier; the more you submit, the more chances you have of winning. However, you can only win 1 prize per month.

Yes. Even if you won a prize in the first session, feel free to enter the 2nd and 3rd sessions and try to score a hat-trick!

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Winner for best story gets $1,500
First Runner-up gets $1,000
Second Runner-up gets $500
Third Runner-up gets $500

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