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Decentralized Internet Is Of The People, By The People, For The People

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Hello everyone,

If you guys found this post from #HIVE, you guys might have an idea about what decentralized internet is, and those wondering what the heck a decentralized internet is and how it is different from the traditional one I say let's find out.


What is decentralization? I say decentralization is the future, and after reading this post, I am sure you will agree. Imagine a world where people have all the right to manage their will, free to say anything that they wish, a world where a central entity can't control your behavior or set norms that are unfair and most often monopolistic. So to simply take away the power of central institutions and give that power back to the people who hold a stake in that institution can be termed decentralization. Wait but the internet is already decentralized, right? cause we have the right to express our views on many social media and how is that different from the decentralized media?. That is exactly what those multibillion-dollar companies want you to believe and trust me that is not true at all.

The New Internet

If I ask you what the Internet is then many might say it's online social media or it's those e-commerce websites or it is the ease of online money transfer and yes, I agree. These are services that depend on the internet that affect our Financial life and are the platform that has a direct impact on our social life. The question however is that "Are these traditional platforms good for the end-users?". Sadly it's a big NO. Now let's dive into My personal experience of the decentralized Internet and how it is way better than those traditional Platforms.

My Decentralized World

I'll explain how the decentralized world impacted my life with the help of some of the decentralized platforms I use.

1. Enter HIVE

Hive is the decentralized social media counterpart to centralized social media. Hive is a blockchain for web 3.0, many decentralized apps are built on this blockchain. Now, what makes hive better than the traditional one? Let's start by saying that the hive is decentralized which means you have every right to your content and no one can control you on what you could talk about. So, we can say that hive is immutable. You guys might have seen the news about governments asking social media like Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms to take down posts that are against the policies of the government. But if those posts were made on social media platforms like Hive there would be no way of taking down that post as the true owner can only delete it from the blockchain. Another thing is that Hive is a rewarding platform, which means you get paid for the content that you produce and consume in the form of a decentralized token. In fact, you are reading this post on Hive. So to sum it up Hive is immutable, rewarding, and decentralized. For me, Hive is like an ocean of opportunity and has helped me get good value for my content. After using hive for about 2 months now I really believe that Hive could help a user prosper in every aspect of his or her life.

2. Enter CryptoCurrency

Digital assets like Hive, HBD, BAT..etc are the answer to making money decentralized. Cryptocurrency can be called as decentralized because they are not controlled by any central entity like a bank or a government and transaction are carried out by the participants of that decentralized blockchain. This reduces the number of fees and delays the end-users will have to face if the users had to rely on the traditional banking system. As this works on a decentralized network there is 100% openness and anyone can verify any transaction at their will. Thus we the users are given the power to check and raise questions if any suspicious activity was found and not simply rely on trusting the central authority on what they say. Another added benefit of living in the crypto world is that you could actually trade these assets and make good money if you are smart enough.

3. Enter Brave

Brave is a privacy-oriented web browser that gives you crypto for your attention, To simply put it you get paid for Browsing the web. Brave is not fully decentralized but is in the works of becoming one. The reason I added Brave here is that it awards you crypto and crypto is a part of the decentralized internet.


Let me conclude by saying that this is just the beginning and the fact that I have not even scratched the surface of the applications of blockchain and decentralized internet. These decentralized apps really made an impact on my life and this sums up my experience.

Thank you for reading and don't be late, For the revolution has already begun ๐Ÿ’ช


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