Best Browsers for Gambling Tested & Reviewed by@casinoalpha

Best Browsers for Gambling Tested & Reviewed

We’ve reviewed and tested 5 browsers to recommend **Mozilla**, giving you 7 clear reasons why. Firefox users complain of high system resource usage leading to crashes and lag. Brave Browser developers have doubled down on privacy by creating a privacy-conscious platform for Global Private Ads. Opera is a trusted company that’s listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.
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What’s the best browser for online gambling? We’ve reviewed and tested 5 browsers to recommend Mozilla, giving you 7 clear reasons why. Whichever one you use, make sure to keep it updated!

Top 5 Casino Browsers



Best Feature

Our Rating


Mozilla Firefox

Works in sync with your smartphone



Opera GX

Advanced performance tweaks



Brave Browser

Faster and more secure Chrome alternative




Built-in translator, calendar and email client



Google Chrome

All Google services in one place


Disclaimer: We’re not affiliated with any software companies mentioned in this article. Our rundown of casino browsers has a purely informative intent.

How We Rated the Best Browsers for Gambling

Mozilla Firefox – 5/5 rating


High points

Tolerable flaws

Many extensions and themes

HTML5 compatibility issues with a limited no. of devices

Embedded malware and pop-up blocker

Reported CPU and RAM overload

Intuitive design


Ease of use and configuration


Be aware

Some Firefox users complain of high system resource usage leading to crashes and lag. Still, the issue may be related to your system specs or program configuration.

Our experience while using Firefox for gambling was the opposite. So, if you encounter this problem, consider the following:

  • Is your operating system up to date?
  • Do you have the latest drivers installed?
  • Is the browser up to date?
  • Does any other program interfere with Firefox functionality?


High CPU usage can be fixed by activating the strictest level of tracker blocking and disabling Firefox extensions running in the background.

Opera GX – 4.5/5 rating


High points

Tolerable flaws

Excellent security features, including ad-blocker

Not so great if you want top online privacy

Control resources usage for multitasking

Not available on Linux distributions

Built-in VPN service


Social media sidebar


Is Opera GX safe?

You might be sceptical of Opera GX because the company has Chinese investors. Political sentiments shouldn’t cloud your judgment in this case. Opera is a trusted company that’s listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Brave browser – 4.5/5 rating


High points

Tolerable flaws

Efficient ad blocker and enhanced privacy

A limited array of add-ons

In-browser torrent download feature

Streaming compatibility issues on some casino sites

Built-in crypto wallet


Get rewarded in crypto for browsing in Brave


What’s in the Brave reward system?

Brave Browser developers have doubled down on privacy by creating a privacy-conscious platform for Global Private Ads. When you watch these ads, you’re rewarded with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) that you may exchange for gift cards or store in your wallet.

Vivaldi – 4/5 rating


High points

Tolerable flaws

Best for infinite user interface customization

You might find it challenging to get used to all the features

Productivity tools make it great for office work

It might eat a lot of RAM depending on your settings

Created by the original developers of Opera

Not all casinos function properly

Low disk space requirements


Memory overload on older PCs

When your casino games start to lag, it might signal RAM overload. Go to Settings and activate the CPU and RAM limiter for a workaround.

Google Chrome – 4/5 rating


High points

Tolerable flaws

Extensive add-on library

Poor for privacy-minded UK players

The address bar is also a Google search box

It consumes a lot of your system resources

Built-in translator

Multitasking can be affected

Minimalistic design


Why is Google Chrome bad for privacy?

Chrome is likely the most widely used browsers around. However, it’s not the best if you want private browsing. Read their Privacy Policy in full. You’ll see that Google’s scripts track almost everything you do online for targeted ads.

It’s virtually impossible to remain anonymous on Chrome. Opt for Brave Browser or Mozilla Firefox if you care about your privacy.

What’s the Best Gaming Browser Overall?


If you’re looking for a great gaming browser, look no further than Mozilla. It has all the best features and tools to make your gaming experience the best it can be.

7 Reasons Why We Pick Mozilla Firefox

  1. Based on our experience testing each browser, Mozilla proved the quickest, most versatile, and so the most appropriate to use for gambling
  2. Casino games load up faster than on any other Chromium alternative
  3. You can quickly transfer your tabs to another device. Your slots will keep spinning when you open your smartphone
  4. A password manager can be useful if you’re playing on multiple casino accounts
  5. Mozilla reinvented the bookmarks bar and named it the ‘Pocket’. You can access your pocket from anywhere and save your favorite gambling guides from any device
  6. Picture-in-picture streaming allows you to watch YouTube videos in the same window in which you try to beat a Blackjack dealer
  7. Mozilla Firefox updates frequently, sometimes every other day, which is a plus in terms of security


Ensure you’re on the latest version to avoid potential security breaches.


Firefox users have complained about the browser updating at every launch. Still, the bug seems to have vanished since the last update.

What Sets Our Top Gaming Browsers Apart?


Fast loading speeds

How we tested browsers’ speed

Our testing methodology consisted of two main steps. We installed the 5 browsers on an Asus VivoBook laptop and navigated between top UK online casinos, trying various games.

After taking each browser for a ride involving running 1-2 slot games, we can present the results of our study.

  • All the casino browsers we selected are compatible with HTML5, and most of today’s casino games work on this kind of infrastructure

  • However, despite a few uninterrupted rounds in Book of Dead, Google Chrome and Vivaldi lagged a bit when faced with a graphically intensive 7×7 grid slot

  • To be exact, the game in question is Pragmatic Play’s John Hunter and the Quest for Bermuda Riches


Turning off the battery saver is essential, as is selecting the high-performance setting if you want to play unhindered by lag.

  • Mozilla Firefox and Opera handled the same slot a lot better

  • Memory efficiency tends to become a problem with Chromium-based browsers. On the contrary, Mozilla doesn’t clog up your RAM

What is Chromium?

Chromium is the open-source version of the Chrome browser. It’s the perfect skeleton for many other browsers, including Opera, Vivaldi and Brave Browser. Still, just like its older brother from Google, it eats a lot of RAM if you open too many casino windows or tabs.

Unique features


  • Features like the CPU/RAM limiter and the tabs killer in Opera GX can help players with lower-end computers enjoy decent gaming sessions

  • The best browsers for gambling can be personalized to the most minute details. You can change the graphic theme but also work under the hood to add new components and tweak the existing settings

  • Not all UK players will want to modify their browser and access hidden settings, though

  • Still, they’re likely to be attracted by integrated media players or crypto wallets

  • Therefore, these unique features must be easy to use and access

Choose Vivaldi if you want…

One of the most customizable browsers around, based on the Chromium source code. You also have the option to ‘hibernate’ your tabs to free up memory for better performance.

Enhanced privacy and security


  • Online gamblers’ financial and personal information is safe as long as they avoid scam casinos, but even experienced players should take some precautions

  • The primary troublemakers are the all-pervasive ads, trackers, cookies and fingerprinting. If you care about your privacy online, choose a browser that enables you to block these or at least set levels you’re comfortable with

What is fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting is a process in which bits of your personal information are tracked. However, fingerprinting is a more intrusive data tracking method.

A third party (advertiser) creates a profile on you based on traces you left online, like screen size, extensions you’ve installed and other seemingly trivial details. Then, you will receive targeted advertisements based on your `digital fingerprint`.

Casino Browsers vs Desktop Apps Comparison



Casino Desktop Apps

Casino games

Full list

Might miss some titles/types


Depends on web design

Optimized for better navigation




Password manager




Built-in with some browsers


Can casino desktop apps survive on the market?

Desktop apps for online casinos haven’t really reached their potential, and were quickly replaced by a focus on mobile customer experience.

Although relatively rare nowadays, when you do stumble upon a casino desktop app, the experience is usually subpar compared to simply signing in from the browser.

It’s not like apps were all awful, but anything worthwhile was most times overridden by missing games, recurring bugs and strange installation procedures.

For example, Netbet’s last app for Windows was a shortcut to a slightly modified version of its site.

Best Browser for Slots Players: Brave Browser


We compared slots gaming on Brave and Chrome and have a winner!

Our test sessions focused on trying as many slot machines on each browser.

What we played




Special Features

John Hunter and the Quest for Bermuda Riches

Pragmatic Play


Pick a bonus, wilds, scatter, free spins, tumbling reels

Gonzo’s Quest



Avalanche multipliers, scatters, wilds

Dead or Alive 2



Scatters, free spins

Immortal Romance



Wilds, scatters, free spins

Age of the Gods



Free spins, wilds, progressive jackpot

Our experts concluded

The performance boost Brave gets from blocking trackers and ads makes it more valuable. Chrome does not block ads natively, and your privacy is more exposed on Google’s browser.

  • Brave browser is overall faster, and it provides more advanced privacy and security tools than Chrome
  • It also shows you the seconds of loading time you saved in the process
  • You may control multiple other facets of your browsing experience in the Shields settings. Scripts, cookies and digital fingerprinting settings can all be customized
  • Just like on Firefox, you can Sync your computer with other devices that you have Brave installed on
  • Brave browser also has a built-in crypto wallet


UK players using other browsers like Chrome, Opera or Firefox can also find and install crypto wallet extensions.

Best Browser for Live Casino: Opera GX


  • Opera is the best choice when you play at live casinos online because the browser can stream 4K or HD video without stressing the RAM excessively

  • Workspaces make it easier to load multiple casino games without opening countless browser windows

  • The social media sidebar allows you to check your Facebook, Instagram or Telegram accounts without opening a new tab

  • We found the video-pop-out feature very useful, but unfortunately, you cannot drag your session out and place bets in Live Roulette or Live Blackjack while surfing the web

  • During our experiment with Opera GX, we tried several Live Casino titles from the best Evolution Gaming casino, including card games and game shows

  • If your live games feel sluggish, you can use the Turbo Feature to make browsing faster by compressing the site’s contents

Be aware

Opera’s built-in VPN can be handy for online gambling. Still, it can also slow down the connection, and stuttering may occur. You may have to look for an alternative or deactivate it to fix this.


In the advanced settings, you have a tab called Privacy & Security, where you’ll see a toggle to activate Opera’s integrated ad blocker. If you want to support a brand or website by displaying ads, you can always add that site to your exclusion list.

Be aware

Blocking trackers in Opera GX may interfere with the functionality of certain online casinos.

What’s Your Best Browser for Gambling?


If you need…

Opera GX

A built-in VPN tool, social media sidebar

Mozilla Firefox

Privacy and link-up with your smartphone


A lightweight and customizable browser

Brave Browser

Security controls to become untraceable

Google Chrome

Google services constantly

Do you agree with our top pick?

Give us some feedback. What browser will you use for gambling after reading our article? Tell us in the comments section below!


Which browser works best with online casinos?

Mozilla Firefox is your best choice for online casino gameplay. Not only do your casinos load fast, but you also get privacy protection tools and many other unique features.

Is my IP address protected when playing casino games in a private window?

No. Browsing in incognito mode does not hide your IP address. To achieve that, you need a VPN service. Opera GX has one built-in.

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