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Crypto 2019: When Making Art, I Could Give a Fu*k About Lambos

art by Stellabelle

If you’re in the crypto world, you know what Lambos symbolize: instant crypto profits, ridiculous moonshots, absurd 6000% returns, flamboyant wealth while you sleep.

Crypto traders in 2017 were calculating their crypto portfolios in numbers of Lambos gained. It seemed that everyone’s wildest crypto fantasies came true. Then the bear market hit and poof, it was nearly gone. A quick visit to crypto Twitter and you can’t find a single Lambo on anyone’s feed. The Lambo days are in hibernation, all the weak hands and crypto tourists have vanished. The only people left are the true believers, savvy entrepreneurs, programmers, people living in failed governments who have no functioning financial system, futurists, builders, stubborn cypherpunks, and we can’t forget the gambling addicts, they are there too.

You would think that all hope is lost, but you would be wrong. It is just this kind of environment that brings out the scrappy, innovative nature in all of us. Sometimes losing everything makes you appreciate life in a new way (as long as you don’t get too depressed in the process). Too much wealth induces slothful living and not many things get built when luxury is dining with you at every meal. There’s nothing wrong with wealth, but most humans cannot deal with extreme wealth and extreme power. It makes us too lazy and self-important.

This brings us to art.

Art is misunderstood in Western culture. Somewhere along the way, it got screwed up, and people divided up creatives from non-creatives. The divisions led to judgement and then kids grow up thinking that their creative ideas are no good.

As a child, I was told that my drawings “weren’t realistic, and therefore, not good.” I had a deep shame attached to everything I created and never thought of myself as an artist. The truth is, I believe everyone is some kind of an artist. We are brainwashed into thinking that we are not.

What does art have to do with Lambos?

Nothing really. But there’s a guy I met recently who experienced a kind of creative rebirth. During the crypto bull market of 2017, he was chasing Lambo dreams, neglecting his creative force in exchange for chasing the latest moonshot Lambo crypto project. All his energy was spent on researching blockchain tech and investing in various crypto projects. His creative talents got tossed aside while he went into the stratosphere in search of Lambos.

I wouldn’t have known any of this if he hadn’t made a YouTube video, PIXEOS Saves The World: Mr. Spaceman, which, has gone rather viral in a few days. It now has close to 10,000 views, and was released just 4 days ago. 10,000 views may not sound like a lot but there was no marketing, no pre-existing subscribers, no paid advertising, and not even any other videos on mBlu Spaceman’s YouTube channel. How did this happen? Why is his video going viral?

I reached out to mBlu Spaceman to find out what is going on in his video and before you read the interview, just watch his video:

Interview with mBlu Spaceman:

Stella: How long have you been into crypto?

mBlu: In 2013 I bought Bitcoin and then forgot about it. You could say I’m a crypto OG.

S: I’ve watched your Spaceman video a few times now, and I feel that there is a story behind it. What is that story?

M: Prior to finding crypto, I was a musician, video producer and artist and very creative person. I bought Bitcoin in 2013 and then forgot about it. Then in 2016 my friend told me about this incredible new tech called Ethereum which sparked the “Lambo Fever” in me and led me to opening up my Bitcoin wallet after a long hibernation.

That’s when I went all into crypto, my head was in the clouds, I invested in over 100 different crypto projects and was continually searching for the next Lambo moonshot magic bullet. I was chasing them all and had basically stopped creating art. I was too busy learning and studying these new blockchain projects, trying to figure out which was going to moon. During this time I was completely out of balance, a floating anomaly, out of touch with the creative side of myself. I lost sense of the true value of crypto due to my insatiable quest for the next moonshot. I joined some crypto communities but dropped out due to many reasons, including the slow transaction speed. When I found pixEOS, a spark was lit inside of me again and I felt so inspired, I made the video about my journey.

still from Mr. Spaceman video

S: Ok, that definitely paints a picture that many people can relate to. How does this relate to the story in the video?

M: The Spaceman and the woman in the video are both aspects of myself. While the Spaceman (part of me that went deep into the crypto rabbit hole) was out exploring the latest crypto hype cycle in outer space, the creative side of me was being neglected down on earth (woman with no arms and legs represents the neglected creative side). During my exploration, I found the EOS project, and despite the fudders, I discovered an exponential innovative force within it. EOS has self-healing properties, and for this reason, I think EOS has the potential to change the world for the better. EOS is my baby.

The Spaceman, part warrior, part explorer, is going out in search of a deeper meaning to life. As a large part of 2017 was defined by chasing moonshots and the dreams of Lambos, I began to ask myself:

“What am I doing? What’s the inherent value of chasing new moonshots?”

I then realized that crypto is not about Lambos. I was searching for more meaning in my life. I was searching for community and a different value system, one that attaches greater value to the creative force within all of us. And then on a far, far planet, I found pixEOS and it’s been the thing responsible for making me whole again.

The female character in the video doesn’t have arms or legs, and that symbolizes my creative side which was severely neglected.

still from Mr. Spaceman video

S: Wow. I can relate completely. Tell me about the wholeness, the feeling of being complete, and not wanting to chase Lambo dreams anymore…..

M: The feeling of wholeness is so much more fulfilling than any material possession, including Lambos. When I am making art, video or a song, I lose myself completely. I am searching for something greater. We all know what we have to do in life, but we seldom do what needs to be done. We can’t have wholeness if we don’t do what has to be done. If we allow ourselves to explore our creative force without judgement, and if we release that into the world, then it can be the catalyst to ignite others and bring wholeness to ourselves. It can open up an entirely new meaning for our lives.

In the heat of creating something, I could give a fuck about Lambos.

still from Mr. Spaceman video

S: What does the ending of the video represent?

M: At the end of the video, the two selves of my being unite. Spaceman sheds his spacesuit, having gone to the outer edges of crypto universe, and the creative side of me is reignited, which is symbolized by the woman now having legs and a new body. The sun face, which was always complacently smiling, has been replaced too. These two parts of myself are finally fused, and I feel whole again, with pixEOS in the mountains, the healing process has kicked into high gear.

still from Mr. Spaceman video

And so, the CEO of pixEOS, Fred has crowned mBlu Spaceman’s video as the official anthem of the launching of the pixEOS Paint Dapp, which just so happens, is launching right at this moment, February 2, 2019. mBlu Spaceman wasn’t commissioned to do this video, he did it voluntarily, without asking permission.

The PixEOS Paint Dapp just launched yesterday. You can start playing here: https://paint.pixeos.art/#/

If you need a free EOS account, stop into the pixEOS Telegram channel and request a code for your free EOS account: https://t.me/PIXEOS


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