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10 Fascinating People of #CryptoTwitter You Need To Follow

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Now that Bitcoin is going mainstream, and according to Chris Burniske, “#Cryptotwitter is the new Bloomberg,” it’s time to get some serious and dank meme-filled education about Bitcoin on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the best places to get breaking news about Bitcoin. There is no other platform where you can find out simultaneously which large crypto exchange got DDOS’d, the price of Bitcoin, how much Andreas Antonopolous received in donations and which mainstream media outlet called Neha Narula a “gentleman”.

This list is nowhere complete, and there are tons more of epic crypto people to follow. This list reflects a sampling of different people from different blockchain and crypto disciplines.

Andreas Antonopoulos is the Carl Sagan of Bitcoin.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos @aantop https://twitter.com/aantonop

Twitter bio: Bitcoin, open blockchains, security. Entrepreneur, coder, hacker, author, humanist, pacifist, pilot. Author of Mastering Bitcoin & The Internet of Money

He has this uncanny way of explaining the most complex and technically challenging topics in a way that is easy to grasp for most regular people.

While a lot of basement-dwelling nerds were messing around with Bitcoin on the internet in 2011, Andreas was busy educating the world about Bitcoin and writing books about it, too. You should see the outpouring of love from the #CryptoTwitter family, because they collectively donated millions worth of Bitcoin to Andreas, when he recently came under a perceived jab from Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver.

Brooke is the Mom of Bitcoin.

Brooke @bitcoinmom https://twitter.com/bitcoinmom

Twitter bio: Too many kids, not enough bitcoin. BCH is not Bitcoin. Ph.D. http://keybase.io/brookem https://onename.com/brooke

Bitcoinmom finds and retweets hilarious stuff like this:

tweet by: https://twitter.com/CarpeNoctom

Brooke is a very early Bitcoin adopter and seems to know who’s who of the Crypto family. Following her on Twitter has been a blessing because she’s been in the Bitcoin world for a long time, and she finds and shares a lot of gems in Crypto land.

YT is the Banksy of Bitcoin.

YT @coinartist https://twitter.com/coin_artist

Twitter bio: Develops digital treasure hunts using art, cryptography and cryptocurrency. NOT A DUDE. #bitcoin

I first became aware of her Bitcoin puzzle art while doing research about crypto artists a year and a half ago. I ran into one of her Decred puzzles, and it was this work that really sent chills up my spine. Her work inspired me to create puzzles for the Dash community last spring….kind of crypto puzzles for dummies version.

As far as i can tell, she and a small collective of artists invented the idea of hiding cryptographic clues inside works of art which lead to a Bitcoin wallet address. Motherboard recently wrote an article about one of her Bitcoin puzzle works of art that still has not been solved since 2015. That puzzle is now worth $64,000: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/7xwx7z/a-popular-bitcoin-puzzle-has-revealed-an-even-larger-mystery?utm_source=mbtwitter

Alyse Killeen is the Mary Poppins With Deep Pockets of Fintech.

Alyse Killeen https://twitter.com/AlyseKilleen

Twitter bio: VC & Author, early blockchain investor; Fintech Fellow @SUSS_SG; Founder @cityfellowsco & @WomenInVenture; STEM past PhD-drpout; Rooting 4 Underdogs & Outsiders

She is one of those scary smart people with a taste for disruption, fintech, software-based systems, healthcare and the intersection of the future and blockchain. I wish there were more people like her. To me, she is the Mary Poppins With Deep Pockets of Fintech. She was one of the earliest Venture Capitalists to invest in token incentivized software-based networks in 2013–14. Her pinned tweet tells the story of how she is ofter overlooked in the crypto world:

Brock Pierce is Burning Man meets Bitcoin inside a role-playing video game.

Brock Pierce https://twitter.com/brockpierce

Twitter bio: Founder Blockchain Capital, EOS, Tether, Chairman of Bitcoin Foundation — “Building free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property”

Brock is from the future. He represents that future so well by mixing the following elements: decentralization, total freedom, Role-Playing Game costumes as daily outfits, power shifts from hoard-centric to new crypto gift economies. I’m definitely a Brock Pierce Bull.

It’s funny he has the “building free market solutions to secure life, liberty and property” quote listed because that exact quote originated from Dan Larimer, the visionary blockchain engineer of BitShares, Steem and now EOS.

@mentalina is the Slytherin of Crypto.

StephC-137 @mentalina https://twitter.com/mentalina

Twitter bio: #Bitcoin anthropologist, maker of pretty/useful things, professional do-gooder, psychologian, Slytherin, seer of possibilities. She/her. #ViresInNumeris

I ran into @mentalina by accident while in the #CryptoTwitter rabbit hole. I was immediately struck by the intensity of her profile photo.

According to her Twitter bio, she is a Bitcoin Anthropologist and there is one thing she seems to know more about than anyone else: the who’s who of women in the crypto world. A lot of recent discussion revolves around the seemingly low numbers of women involved in cryptocurrency according to polls. My guess is that there are actually more women than people realize lurking in the shadows. Her latest Twitter list of #womenincrypto is more evidence that there are indeed more women in the crypto/blockchain space than anyone realizes.

Part of my reasoning lies in the fact that I helped to build a female-led community in Dash last spring called Women of Dash. What I discovered is that there are plenty of women who are in the crypto world, they just didn’t feel entirely comfortable coming out of the woodwork into male dominant social spaces. Once a group formed that was led by a few women, they let down their guard and began participating more enthusiastically. Build more groups and women will arrive.

The Wolf is the Leonardo DiCaprio of Crypto

The Wolf https://twitter.com/wolfofpoloniex

Twitter bio: Professional #Cryptocurrency trader. $crypto #bitcoin #altcoins #daytrading#investing

The Wolf has a crypto trading club and a lot of crypto dramas playing out on his page. If you want crypto trading information mixed with dank memes and wackjob type stuff, The Wolf is your guy.

Neha Narula is the Marie Curie of Crypto.

Neha Narula https://twitter.com/neha

Twitter bio: I work on scaling systems and platforms for the internet. Director of Digital Currency @medialab. PhD from @MIT_CSAIL, formerly @digg, @google.

You may have seen Neha on television recently. She will go down in history as one of the first people who explained Bitcoin to a mainstream audience. Her TEDtalk about the future of money is epic.

Neeraj K. Agrawal is the David Letterman of Crypto

@NeerajKA https://twitter.com/NeerajKA

Twitter bio: comms @coincenter: the cryptocurrency policy think tank | neeraj@coincenter.org

If you’re looking for a split-tongued, caustic comic in the crypto world, Neeraj is your guy. I’m amused daily by his hilarious tweets which are infused by both intelligence and absurdity. If Willy Wonka, Chris Rock and David Letterman interbred, you’d get something along the lines of Neeraj.

Chris Burniske is Intellectual Insight on Steroids.

Chris Burniske @cburniske https://twitter.com/cburniske

Twitter bio: partner @placeholdervc, medium @cburniske, formerly led @ARKInvest’s cryptoasset efforts, wrote a book on crypto, too

I’ve been following Chris for a while now and his gut instincts about future trends is pretty damned spot-on. His central super power is collecting and sharing info about future trends in crypto, blockchain and other tech disciplines.

There are tons more fascinating people in crypto and I will have to write a part 2.

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