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5 Reasons I Switched From Bitcoin To Dash

Here are 5 reasons I switched most of my Bitcoin to Dash 3 months ago:

1. Dash is much faster than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions are ridiculously slow right now. Last night my transaction took nearly an hour to be confirmed. This does not work well with my personality because I’m very high strung, especially when my money is concerned. So, basically, the entire time I was waiting for the transaction to go through, I was obsessing about it and couldn’t focus my mind on anything else. I also sent a Dash transaction, and it was confirmed in a matter of minutes. And Dash has an optional feature called InstantSend that is super fast. I didn’t use InstantSend last night, because Dash’s speed is very good as is, but just knowing I could get an instant Dash transaction if I needed it, is an excellent feature.

2. Dash has much lower fees than Bitcoin.

The entire reason a lot of us are in the digital currency space is because of the low fees. Bitcoin’s fees have recently skyrocketed and it’s completely ridiculous. A few weeks ago I sent $10 worth of Bitcoin, and the fee was $3. This is insane. Six months ago, this was not the case, but because Bitcoin has been gaining tremendous popularity in recent months, and has still not arrived at a scaling solution, the fees have become completely out of control. Because of these high fees, I avoid using Bitcoin as much as possible.

3. Dash has a functioning community.

The Bitcoin community is currently at war. On August 1, there will be some big changes that could even cause Bitcoin to split into 2 different coins. It’s hard to follow all the drama, but one thing is sure, I don’t want to put my energy into it in the Bitcoin future if it’s going to be like it is now: constant fighting. It seems to lack an efficient mechanism to solve technological and human problems.

There are definitely arguments in the Dash community, and heated discussions, but Dash successfully increased its block size in 24 hours due to its governance structure. Bitcoin, years later, still has not arrived at a scaling solution. There is no huge rift in Dash (that I’m aware of) and for this reason, it’s much easier to get things done. No human community is perfect, and Dash has its flaws, but there’s a mechanism built in to solve human problems. This is huge for me.

4. Dash has optional privacy features.

Bitcoin has no privacy features. Dash has a feature called PrivateSend which basically makes it impossible to trace the transaction. I don’t usually use this feature because I have nothing to hide, but I like knowing that the feature is available. What if I wanted to order a dildo in the future, but I didn’t want my husband to know? Privacy should be a right, because as surveillance becomes even more invasive, we need to have protections built-in. In this respect, Dash resembles cash, since with cash, there’s no digital footprint. Everyone should have this option and Dash is leading the way in the privacy space. Dash was smart by making PrivateSend an optional feature, not a default feature.

5. Amanda B. Johnson chose Dash.

Amanda B. Johnson

Amanda B. Johnson has been in the digital currency space for many years. She’s way ahead of the technological curve and one of the best researchers and teachers that currently exists in the space. She has an uncanny knack of explaining ultra complex topics in such a way that everyone can understand.

She created an in-depth YouTube show called the Daily Decrypt that covered complex cryptocurrency topics in an easy to understand way. She covered the altcoin space very thoroughly and is probably responsible for masses of people being able to understand the concept of ‘blockchain’.

I loved the Daily Decrypt show. See for yourself how fu*king cool it is:

People think of her as a marketer, but at heart, she’s a researcher. She researches topics and then shares her knowledge with others. She has been doing this for quite a while. If I sound like an Amanda fangirl at this point, you’d be correct. I tend to think the world of her researching talents, intellect and opinions. So, when I learned the reasons that she switched to Dash, I couldn’t help but be influenced by that. After all, if Amanda is smarter than me, and Amanda likes Dash, then I like Dash, too. I dedicated a video to her which you can see here. It’s a bit silly, but I made it about the time I switched over to Dash in March 2017:

So, there you have it. It’s now time to get a Shakepay card, join the cool kids and get my Dash on.

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