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Crypterium to let Australian citizens pay bills and make bank transfers with crypto

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With its relaxed approach towards crypto regulations and a high number of active crypto wallet users, Australia has earned the nickname of a “crypto continent”. As we described in our recent World CryptoMap column, crypto enthusiasts can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum from 1200 newsagents across the country.

To help them spend crypto in everyday life, Crypterium introduces a brand new way of paying bills with crypto, as well as transferring funds to bank accounts with a single tap on the screen.

Pay Bills With Crypto

Crypterium’s new solution allows Australian citizens to pay any bills that have the logo of BPAY with their crypto holdings. BPAY, which is in fact an equivalent of European IBAN, is the number one electronic billing system in Australia.

There are over 45,000 businesses that accept BPAY transfers and each month approximately 30 million bills to the value of $24 billion are paid with the help of the service. Using Crypterium, BPAY users will be able to pay for their bills with crypto, as well. The app also offers a cheap, efficient and user-friendly way of transferring crypto across the continent and beyond.

First Crypto Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are yet another great feature Crypterium has just released. It lets everybody, regardless of where they are, send digital money to Australian bank accounts. It also enables the country’s citizens transfer crypto to each other’s digital wallets in a matter of seconds. There is no need to copy the recipient’s wallet address. Just enter the account number, specify the amount and press the “Send” button.

“You can pay for your electricity bill, your gas bill or you can go from your wallet straight into somebody else’s bank account without having to mess around with all sorts of conversions, exchanges etc. We believe this new feature is highly anticipated in Australia as it is a country where people are not just positive towards crypto, but already use it in their everyday life” — says Austin Kimm, COO & Co-founder at Crypterium.

Your multifunctional pocket-sized Cryptobank

As you can see, the bill payments and bank transfers are region-specific functions. But we are not going to stop there! After launching these services in Australia, we will offer the same options to Europe. We also have feature releases scheduled for August and September. Oh! And let’s not forget about our “Send crypto via SMS” solution that is already live! The service enables users transfer any amount of crypto by just putting in a recipient’s phone number.

About Crypterium

Crypterium is building a mobile app that will turn cryptocurrencies into money that you can spend with the same ease as cash.

Shop around the world to pay with your coins and tokens at any NFC terminal, or via scanning the QR codes. Make purchases in online stores, pay your bills, or just send money across borders in seconds reliably and for a fraction of a penny.

Learn more at http://crypterium.com/ and join the discussions in our Telegram Chat.


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