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Cosmic JS vs. WordPress

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Cosmic JS is an API-first CMS that helps teams of developers and content editors build apps faster. 64.5% of developers surveyed on StackOverflow stated that WordPress was one of their most dreaded platforms to work with. With all the frustration with installed systems, it’s time to compare against API-first content management in the cloud.

Are you a WordPress developer? Wondering what makes Cosmic JS a more suitable CMS backend for you?

Cosmic JS offers an intuitive API that can deliver content to any website or application. This gives you the freedom to build your application using any programming language and allows for easier scaling within your development team. Cosmic JS offers a streamlined editing experience that gives you everything you need to publish content quickly and easily. Since there is no CMS installation, you can easily build content in any phase of development and avoid unnecessary process bottlenecks.

1. Cosmic JS is more productive

Installed content management systems create ongoing technical debt which becomes tomorrow’s problem. Stop reinventing the wheel with every project and avoid the installation, configuration, maintenence time-suck. By going API-first now, you will see the immediate benefit of saved project hours, timelines and costs. Don’t let another project become an installed headache that takes away resources from future projects.

Complete projects in a fraction of the time it takes with an installed content management system. Eliminate bottle necks and ship faster. Teams working in different skillsets and technologies easily collaborate around a language-agnostic API with an intuitive content editing experience.

Build and deliver content to your website, iOS and Android apps. Your content is also ready for your future watch, car or virtual reality app.

In one word: magic. The Cosmic Stack not only shortens your time to market, but totally transforms your development process. You will be able to deploy new apps on-the-fly, duplicate projects in a few clicks and spin up applications easily like never before.

The Cosmic Stack is the simplest content management stack around. With Cosmic JS and GitHub, you’re in business.

3. Cosmic JS provides a better content editor experience

The Cosmic JS dashboard makes it easy to manage content, drag and drop media and build content relationships. Developers are provided with powerful tools to build full-featured applications and content editors are given a simple and intuitive way to manage content.

4. Cosmic JS is zippy fast

Cosmic JS is built on top of the most cutting-edge programming languages, frameworks and cloud technologies. This makes it faster than WordPress for both the publishing backend CMS as well as loading your websites.

5. Cosmic JS takes care of upgrades, scalability and security issues

Gone are the days of updating WordPress, installing and upgrading plugins, backing up your databases and fixing security issues. Cosmic JS is an API-first content management platform so we take care of maintenance, security and scalability for you.

Content stored in Cosmic JS and delivered by the API is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption. You can also restrict access to your content by adding optional access tokens located in the Settings tab in your Cosmic JS Bucket.


Legacy content management systems are not equipped to handle the speed of modern business. Project timelines and costs grow significantly when the wrong technology choice is made. Technical debt grows over time, consuming future resources to maintain old infrastructure.

Cosmic JS provides a cloud-based solution that enables rapid application development which scales to meet the demands of modern business. You will see immediate benefits of saved project hours, costs plus a higher level of collaboration within your team.

Ready to give Cosmic JS a try? Sign Up and join the Cosmic JS Community to build apps faster. Reach out to us on Twitter or Slack.

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