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Content Writer: How to make money writing for others?

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Being paid to write on the internet has become a source of income for many professional writers. This is a web job much more complex than we think. Content Writing is the production of unique content adapted to the requirements of the web. It is an editorial technique that is radically different from the classic editorial rules in the print media. The content of the web must be precise, succinct, explicit… and optimized for better referencing in search engines like Google. It’s a job that requires the writer, open-mindedness and great analytical ability. How to become a web editor? What are the skills of the web editor? how to earn money writing for others? All these questions constitute the main content of this article.

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Writing on the internet: how to become a web editor?

Content Writing is a real profession in full expansion on the web. The creation of websites covering various activities makes the production of content a requirement. And only a web editor can do this to produce the content adapted to the theme or the domain name of your site or blog. To become a web editor at home or in a business, you have to:


Becoming a web editor requires basic training. You can also train online if you have not had the opportunity to pursue university studies in language, journalism … or communication. There are training platforms for Content Writing.

Know how to write

Content Writing is an art. It differs from classic or administrative writing. To become a web editor, you must know how to write. For this, style, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar are in order. The originality of the texts is a categorical imperative in Content Writing. You can take part in a free web editor training as mentioned above.

Set goals

Becoming a web editor also means having clear, precise and targeted objectives. Ask yourself, why do you want to become a web content editor? The answer to this question will allow you to set your goals.

Build your career

You must build your career if you ever plan to become a pro web editor. Experience is needed to get big contracts. This job requires professionalism and respect of the rules of writing. In addition, you must follow the evolution of the rules of writing on the web to be on the page of the new requirements of the web.

Have a passion for writing

Writing for an online journal, a blog or for an online sales site means having several articles to write or pages to document. Writing can be a chore if you do not have that passion or desire to always produce texts.

Content writing: the different types of web copywriter

The job of web editor has several branches depending on the types of writing to produce. For this you will have:

The copywriter

Copywriting is simply the editorial technique of using certain keywords to promote or advertise the image of an individual, a product, a company, etc. Becoming a copywriter creates editorial content relating to a product, a company, an activity … and intended for a target audience. The copywriter is a designer and editor at the same time, you have to have a web marketer profile.

The SEO Editor

The SEO content writing can work one of the major points (SEO) of a site or blog. The SEO editor’s specialty is the creation of web content using keywords to obtain a better ranking on the search results of different search engines.

The Corrector

It is about a specialist of the language which proposes to reread the texts and to correct them. The proofreading of web article requires correction of skills.


The translator is a multilingual editor who handles the translation of web pages. He has the skills to translate the content of a web page into another language desired by the customer.


The audio transcription in the text is the specialty of the transcriber. It’s about writing on behalf of companies creating video content, in other words, you write on a word processing document the audio content of this video, it’s quite simple but very time-consuming.

The eBook

He is an editor specializing in the writing of digital books, kindle … and publishes them on the web. You can write an ebook book in an area that interests you and publish it online on a website.

Internet writing: what competence to become a web editor?

The author should have some fun. Mostly all students, universities face a hard time while completing the complex task, especially in content call assignment writing. I personally provide content writing services to some colleges, students and help them to craft better, appealing Assignments for them. Providing Assignment Help to students or universities provide you some long-term cash.

There is no long wait for your hard-earned money. Expand your reach, engage with students, and earn money along the way.

The profession of freelance web editor or in-house requires a strong competence on the part of the editor. For that, a good web editor must:

Enjoy an editorial comfort

The editor must master the language of writing, facilitate the understanding of certain texts or complex subject, use expressions or catchy words, to use each time a style adapted to the subject …

Know how to produce titles

The title of the text must be able to encourage the reading of its contents. The editor must be able to give titles encouraging and relevant to his text, and able to make people want to read to users.

Have an area of ​​expertise

The web editor must have skills in one or two fields. This is a skill that an editor must possess. Becoming a web copywriter does not require your skills in all areas. A web editor is an individual who has skills in one, two or three areas and not in all areas.

Have a knowledge of the web

The writer must have skills on the web. He must be able to master web marketing, SEO … and some software (Shopify …) or CMS (WordPress, Prestashop …).

Have the art of maneuvering words

The words are like loaded pistols, said Brice Parain, French essayist and philosopher. So, the web editor must have skills in the use of words in the treatment of subjects to entrust to him.

Master the user experience

The web editor must be able to master the interaction between the man and the website. When mastered, the content created will be more attractive and therefore, the conversion of customers and/or Internet users will be just a breeze.

In addition to these skills, the web content editor must be curious, receptive, attentive and above all imaginative. Higher education is usually required in order to bring together all these indicated skills. General culture is not an empty word in the Content Writing business. The editor is called upon to deal with various topics that sometimes require solid knowledge of everyday life. A topic on the causes of climate change, for example, requires holistic knowledge for its treatment.

What status to be a web editor: the essential thing to remember!

The web editorial is a profession of the web very solicited before the vertiginous creation of the websites and/or blog. The status of the web editor is double, on one side he can wear the cap of a worker, on the other side he can be an entrepreneur. As the main statutes of the web editor, you can have:

The freelance web editor

Drilling as a freelance web editor is not complicated. This is the one who works in independence. He can work from home or anywhere else, but not in business. This status is increasingly visible in the job market. The goal here is to produce web content, without working full time as is the case in business. This method is even more advantageous for some structures that do not have enough space to accommodate their employees.

Moreover, the remuneration is done by the written article or by word considering the complexity of the subject and the quality of the content produced. The web editor at this level works by project or missions. Each mission is not the same, so it becomes possible to pay more or less. He can register on online writing platforms to earn his missions.

The salaried web editor

The salaried web editor is the one who has a position within a company. He works there full time. He is paid not by mission, but by month. The salaried editor does not work independently, he is under the legal authority of a legal person who guarantees him all the rights of a salaried worker. It may happen that he occupies certain positions of responsibility within the company via the promotion system.

Writing on the web: At what price to sell your articles?

Making money on the internet by writing articles is much more beneficial. It is important to know that the price of an item is not standard. The price of a freelance copywriter is not necessarily that of a freelance writer. You can, however, sell your articles considering a set of criteria including the quality and originality of the text, the complexity of the subject, the volume of the text and sometimes the time of writing. For this, the selling price of an article varies from 50$ (for an article of 250 words) to 400$ (for an article of 2000 words). The wide variety of prices shows the demanding side of this trade.

How much can one earn as a web editor?

The job of a web editor can make his man live. The remuneration of a web editor is usually a function of his status and the region.

For a freelance web editor, the amount to be won depends on the number of articles to be written per day and the type of billing. A writer can earn $ 100 each day when he makes about two 250-word texts. When it comes to billing by the article, he earns 60 to 120$ the sheet is an article of 25 lines.

For a salaried web editor, the amount to be won is $50,000 per year if you have a considerable number of years of experience. But, if you are just starting out, you will earn $20,000 a year. Stats May Varies depending on the quality, Niche and your reputation as a writer. I earn around 500$-1000$ from online assignment writing.

Writing for the web: how long does it take to write content?

Content Writing is an exercise that requires concentration and a lot of attention to detail. The writing time is difficult to determine. The writing of web articles considers several factors namely: the complexity of the subject, the speed of the editor, the number of words … and the workload. For example, you can write an article of 2000 words in less than 8 hours. All in all, time depends on the factors involved.

You can now get started in Content Writing and make money. Writing articles for others is an exercise that requires the writer of diverse skills and a fairly sustained general culture.


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