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Freshworks designs ridiculously easy-to-use software for businesses of all sizes, making it effortless for them to delight their employees and their customers. Affordable, ...

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Since 2010

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Freshworks' Journey to India’s First SaaS IPO: A Deep-Dive
Published at Oct 24, 2021 by scott-d.-clary
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The Essence of The Zoho vs. Freshworks [Deep Dive]
Published at May 07, 2020 by TheKarthikeyan
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Six Indian SaaS Startups Products To Watch in 2022
Published at Feb 28, 2020 by md-mohsin-ansari

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5 Analysts Have This to Say About Freshworks
Published at Jan 24, 2023 by Benzinga on
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‘Apartment REITs can stand out in 2023′: Scotiabank analyst
Published at Jan 24, 2023 by The Globe and Mail
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Girish Mathrubootham on how to stay hungry amid a carnage
Published at Jan 24, 2023 by Forbes India
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Freshworks Inc. (NASDAQ: FRSH) Has Yet To Win Over Analysts?
Published at Jan 23, 2023 by stocksregister
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CrowdStrike Appoints Johanna Flower to Board of Directors
Published at Jan 23, 2023 by Yahoo News Canada

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