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Choosing the Best Builder to Create A Perfect Website

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Jason has been writing for the technology vertical for quite sometime now.

A perfect website does not only create a good impression, but it also helps in increasing your customer retention rate.

A properly built website considers multiple factors: User Interface, Navigation, Icons, and Menu are a few among them. Now, as you see, the number of businesses going digital is increasing, thus, website builder services are increasing in number as well. It does not matter if you are one of the top app development companies in the USA, or, you sell groceries. The modern era is dependent upon technology and loves comfort. Therefore, you have to get dependent upon the internet as well. Of course not entirely, but for a major part of the business.

With so many options calling themselves the best website builder in the market, it can get quite overwhelming and confusing to pick the right one. So, to solve this problem, we are discussing a few factors that should be taken into consideration while picking the website builder. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list of the elements of a perfect website builder!

Features of the website


Well, the first thing you need to consider while designing a website is its features.

You need to prepare a rough idea of the features that you want to integrate into your website and display to the users. Moreover, these features that you want to include in the website should be specific to your services. Excessive features might make your website slow.

Hypothetically, if you want to build an eCommerce website, website builders such as GoDaddy, WordPress, and Hostgator offer such specific services.

Budget for the website


It is necessary that you go through all possible costs that might occur while building and managing your website.

For instance, website designing, hosting, domain registration, and security certificates are one of the crucial costs that you can not divide while building a website. 

Other recurring expenses might include the price of graphic elements such as images, icons, etc., along with the cost of renewing hosting and domain registration. Now, before you finalize a website builder, it is advised that you should compare their charges first. However, you might also find variations in the offered features according to these prices.

Available plugins for the website


Well, plugins play a crucial role in the website development process. By using various plugins, you can customize your website however you want.

But not all website builders support all plugins. Therefore, you need to go through the list of the plugins and choose the website builder with the ones you find most suitable for your website. Plugins can help you customize the website layout, applying SEO techniques, and many more.

Availability of customer support


The need for customer support is essential to managing your website.

For instance, your website will be visible to the audience 24/7 and if it faces a glitch or gets hacked, you might need professional help as soon as possible. Thus, it is recommended that you go for the website builder known for excellent customer support.

Are SEO resources available?


Here’s the thing: it does not matter how good-looking and user-friendly a website is, without SEO, a website can not make a place on search engines. Now, to make sure that your website is visible to users searching on Google for related services, a proper SEO formation is crucial. 

For instance, if your services inform the audience about future technology trends, then a perfect SEO strategy will give your website content relevancy. Moreover, blogs, where you discuss future technology trends along with the proper SEO formation, might get listed among the top search results of Google.

However, not all website builders offer these services. WordPress and Hostgator are a few that offer SEO features under certain packages.

Best website builders to build a perfect website

Now, after taking into consideration the elements that need to be considered while building a (perfect) website, let’s take a look at some of the best website builders. Further mentioned website builders are shortlisted according to their features and popularity. 

WordPress - This one of the best website builders existing at the moment has multiple website builder plans suitable for almost everyone. From free packages for newbies in the field to premium eCommerce packages, you can get a plan made just for your website requirements.

GoDaddy - Here you can purchase domain names and hosting services. The website works as a third-party vendor for many hosting and domain name sellers. In short, you can build a perfect website even yourself and with no coding knowledge with GoDaddy. This easy-to-use website builder is famous due to its quality of services and convenient customer support. The professionals are always available to assist you with your website development needs.

Hostgator - Hostgator is another one of the best website builders that you will find in the market. The website builder has more than 200 templates to offer along with hosting services. You can also buy domain and security software for the website that you want to run. With packages divided into multiple parts along with their respective features, Hostgator is a smart choice for people who want to experience the easier website building process. 

BigCommerce - If you want to establish an online eCommerce business, BigCommerce is a perfect choice for you. The SaaS organization has multiple templates for eCommerce websites that you can use. Moreover, you can also enjoy the benefits of a one-month-trial plan before you move to the premium one. However, that also depends on your requirements as the trial plan will have a few limitations.

Jason camaya HackerNoon profile picture
by Jason camaya @jasoncamaya.Jason has been writing for the technology vertical for quite sometime now.


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