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Freemium eCommerce Website Builders: 2020 Edition

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The eCommerce industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors on the internet, with online stores springing up every day trying to meet the insatiable demands of the general public. In 2018 alone, global e-retail sales grew 22.8 percent compared to the previous year. During that period, retail e-commerce sales accounted for 12.2 percent of global retail sales.
We can no longer treat eCommerce as an underdog because it is proven without a doubt that it is here to stay.
Kickstarting a business in the eCommerce industry is a capital intensive task that requires the services of a lot of experts to provide you the perfect platform to conduct your business. But with the help of certain free eCommerce store builders, a lot of great business have been able to start up with very little or no capital at all. Yes, you heard right, there are some ecommerce website & App builder that are completely free and allow budding entrepreneurs to start an ecommerce store at zero capital investment.
In this post, I have listed top 5 ecommerce store builders in 2020 that are free forever.
Started in September 2011 Woocommerce is a popular open-source Word Press plugin that enables the creation of your free online store on any of your websites, this plugin gained popularity after release for its ease in configuration and use. WooCommerce prides itself on being the world's most customizable eCommerce platform. With over 83 million downloads, WooCommerce is arguably one of the most used free online store builders.
WooCommerce Top Features:
  • Quick & Easy set up
  • Free themes and templates
  • Easy to customize
  • Highly Secure
  • Free extensions
It is a one-stop solution that provides a swift and thorough eCommerce website and mobile apps setup for Free. The creator of Quick eSelling put into consideration, the need of the least financially buoyant internet user with a hunger to offer his goods and services to the world. Unlike other free ecommerce website builders, Quick eSelling allows store owners to upload more than one thousand products in the free plan.  
Quick eSelling Top Features:
  • Launch Instantly, Zero Coding
  • Automated ecommerce features
  • Fully managed and hosted
  • Single tool to manage website & Apps
  • Easy integration with popular online marketplaces
Built not just to provide free online stores but to also help make running your business streamline and stress-free. Squareup was built to handle the entire fulfillment order of an online retail store effortlessly. Whether you already own a website, want to integrate payment options or work with eCommerce platforms, Squareup is the perfect company.
Square up Best Features:
  • Multiple payment options
  • Marketing features
  • POS
  • Real time reports
Freewebstore is another eCommerce website providing over 600 thousand online store owners with free online stores. With all the necessary tools
needed to run an online store, Freewebstore is a simple yet powerful eCommerce solution allows business owners to own store with payment or asking for credit card details.
Unique features:
  • Fully hosted eCommerce website
  • Free SSL in any name of their choice
  • Responsive Design
  • Order tracking
  • Bulk buying
This online store builder was created with a particular niche in mind. It was launched for creative minds; artists, makers, etc to showcase as much as 5 products without paying a dime. Created in 2005, this company has helped over a million creators, sell their t-shirts, caps, artworks and other wonderful works of art. This store builder puts in your hands the ability to configure the look of your store to your taste.
Big Cartel Top Features:
  • Easy to manage
  • Fulfill orders
  • Free themes
  • Customizable & Flexible
Some many companies out there today rendering countless services to people will not have existed without the creation of these free online store builders and more not listed in this post, who are offering free eCommerce Online Store Builders services.
Disclaimer: I have a vested interest in Quick eSelling platform and I help them with my consultation. However, I would suggest you to do your own research before making a final decision. I don't have any vested interest in other mentioned solutions.


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