ChangeNOW Set to Enhance Web3 Payments with Upcoming USDT Listingby@pressreleases
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ChangeNOW Set to Enhance Web3 Payments with Upcoming USDT Listing

by HackerNoon Press ReleasesApril 19th, 2024
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ChangeNOW and Tether's strategic collaboration brings USDt to Telegram's TON Network, revolutionizing digital transactions with seamless, fee-free payments for over 900 million users globally.
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April 19, 4pm Dubai Time – ChangeNOW is excited to announce the upcoming listing of USDT in just four weeks—a new innovation in stablecoins, borne from a strategic collaboration between TON Foundation and Tether. This strategic collaboration is set to introduce USDT on The Open Network (TON), transforming the digital token landscape by offering a simple, seamless peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system accessible to over 900 million Telegram users worldwide.

The introduction of USDT represents a revolutionary step in the evolution of digital transactions. By leveraging Telegram, a platform with a massive global reach, this initiative allows for instant, fee-free transactions directly within the user's Telegram interface, making it incredibly accessible to a diverse user base. This integration signifies a shift towards a more user-friendly crypto experience, breaking down barriers that have traditionally hindered stablecoin adoption and usage.

ChangeNOW's role in listing USDT exemplifies our commitment to enhancing and expanding the web3 ecosystem built by TON in Telegram. This move is designed to provide our users with more versatile payment options and foster a thriving digital environment where the latest technological advances are within easy reach of a vast audience.

Moreover, ChangeNOW is excited to announce that NOWPayments, our versatile crypto payment gateway, will soon follow in our footsteps by adding USDT to its roster. This addition will further enhance the ability of businesses and individuals to engage in global e-commerce activities effortlessly.

Through these efforts, ChangeNOW is advancing its mission to democratize finance and contribute significantly to a borderless and interconnected digital world. Our listing of USDT is a testament to our vision of a world where financial transactions are as straightforward as sending a simple message.

About ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW is a pioneering non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows for swift crypto exchanges with no limits. We are committed to providing a seamless user experience for everyone looking to invest in, exchange, or use cryptocurrency.

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