Cappasity Decentralized AR/VR Ecosystem for 3D Content Exchange by@cryptoresearch

Cappasity Decentralized AR/VR Ecosystem for 3D Content Exchange

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Cappasity Accelerates AR/VR Development

Augmented and virtual reality are set to change the way we live, consume, and interact with both real world, and digital environments. With the power to transform industries ranging from entertainment, gaming and fashion, to medical and industrial engineering, AR/VR and 3D technologies are set to become the next big thing.

The next-gen revolution in computer technology is already underway with top tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Samsung and Huawei to name a few, hedging their bets that AR/VR will shake up many industries.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) the worldwide AR/VR annual revenue as of 2017 is already estimated to be worth approx. 11.4 bn, however the lack of inspiring developer tools and good software is cited as one of the main burdening factors behind the slow uptake of these digitally assisted/created realities.

Despite the clear ability to be applied effectively in many industries, the technology has yet to become mainstream, and Cappasity believes it can change this lull in its development by driving the content available for these platforms, as well as the tools to help create then.

Cappasity aims to assist in revolutionizing the virtual and augmented technology by providing a decentralized platform that promotes the development of and content for AR/VR by facilitating arrangements between developers, businesses and their customers.

How Does Cappsity Work?

Cappasity is a community-driven ecosystem intended for those wanting to rent, buy or sell AR/VR and 3D content; a concept that aims to solve the issues behind the lack of good AR/VR content.

The system is built upon two layers, an infrastructure layer, and a marketplace layer.

The infrastructure layer consists of software toolkits and SDKs, the blockchain, and decentralized storage.

· Software toolkits and SDKs will be made available to the developer community to help drive the creation of new content.

· Blockchain technology allows users to register copyrights and track transaction history by utilizing smart contracts to automatically execute fair allocation and remuneration amongst the party’s inv8olved.

· Decentralized storage is provided by Cappasity, and independent providers. Information will be saved and shared in a similar fashion to bittorrents.

The marketplace layer offers the content exchange platform, as well a sandbox area for testing content.

· The content exchange is the marketplace where all products will be listed and made available to rent or buy.

· Sandbox technology allows buyers to test out the product by deploying it first into sandbox, which is isolated and protected from affecting other areas.

The community will by comprised of several different participants including, content makers, content moderators, developers, storage providers, business, and consumers.

· Content makers; original creators of the product who upload products to the marketplace to rent or buy.

· Content moderators; these participants check content for quality, appropriateness and consistency. Their actions help keep the market place clean and content ranking system regulated.

· Developers; these participants’ rent and buy AR/VR/3D to assist with app, and content creation. They also build tools and apps for the Cappasity platform, which they can list on the marketplace.

· Businesses; organizations that use AR/VR/3D content on the platform. These customers purchase products to place on their own apps and websites, or to assist with developing their own.

· Consumers; these are participants who require AR/VR/3D content for personal use.

· Storage providers; these participants act like servers by offering personal storage for content database hosting. Any user can provide storage, and will be rewarded with CAPP.

Through the marketplace users will have access to two main categories of products.

· AR/VR/3D content including models, views and holograms in various formats. A plugin to embed the content will be made available, and consumers can access the content for personal and social applications.

· AR/VR/3D apps including content creation tools for developers and content makers, content web-players for various devices, and consumer apps for entertainment, business and 3D printing.

To compensate participants for their contributions, the system will use the Cappasity Token CAPP, an ERC20 compatible utility token. This will help facilitate a global ecosystem without restricting borders and costly exchanges.

And in order to support the creation of good content Cappasity will feature an upvote ranking system for content and its authors, as well as storage provides and moderators. Every user can vote, top ranked products will receive more exposure in the marketplace.

Valuable Information

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Total Supply : 438,686,537 CAPP

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Ico Price : — 0.008USD= 1 CAPP

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