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Building a New Landing Page

by Emil BrucknerJune 30th, 2018
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My Bootstrapping Journey

Week 1—Retrospective

Read last week’s article here.

The Landing Page

There are two reasons why I need a new landing page:

  • **Bad design**The biggest problems are that it’s not super obvious that it’s a desktop application, nor that there’s a free trial. Also, the pain isn’t really communicated. Actually, someone tore down my landing page in a decent article. Read Pedro’s suggestions here.

  • **It’s slow**Google’s PageSpeed Tool rates with 63/100, while its blog used to hit 99/100. That’s because the landing page is built with an HTML template and the blog with Gatsby. So I’ll redo the landing page form scratch with Gatsby. That will be a bit more work than just changing the existing version, but since I already put hundreds of hours into the project, I might as well have a proper landing page.

Writing Emails

As always, I communicated with as many people as possible. I also contacted some people who’s Quora-answers I like.

Writing on Quora

I want to build a bit of an authority on Quora. Quora also ranks one’s future answers higher if they think that someone is an expert on a topic. It’s an effort that will pay off with every future answer. I didn’t put too much effort in each answer so far. I’ll try to write better converting ones in the future. Especially when I have one or two lead magnets and a proper landing page, converting readers from Quora to customers should be easier. You can read this discussion I had on IH about Quora marketing in my case.

My Quora Stats

I posted two answers this week:

Improving the Onboarding

I changed the sign up flow.You can now start a trial of Find Better Questions without a credit card.

Plans for Next Week

  • Finish the landing page
  • Cold emailing
  • Start writing a Quora Guide

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