Boost Your Email Marketing Conversions Using 4 Simple Strategiesby@juhilmendpara

Boost Your Email Marketing Conversions Using 4 Simple Strategies

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The right form of e-mail marketing helps you build a long-lasting relationship with your potential buyers while rejuvenating it with existing customers. E-mails still get the highest conversions and ROI: For every $1 spent on email, businesses get $32 returns. The right Call-to-Action button can enhance your click-through and conversion rate by 370%. Keep your design simple yet effective and use only the required information within your landing page, keep your text simple with easy-understanding font style and include one image either as a background or showcasing main image.

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Are you planning to make an online purchase? Don’t forget checking the product reviews first.

We often hear our friends & relatives say this line, and considering it right, we do check out the reviews. However, something has changed over the years, hasn’t it? The fact is – as technology is evolving, content marketers and organizations are thriving in the virtual space to market their products/services in the best possible manner.

One of the best strategies to woo your end-user/customer is through email marketing.

Just collect the emails using WordPress landing pages or other counter part and get started with the strategy. What fundamental strategies do you need? Well, that's what we will discuss today.

So, without further ado, let’s begin:

Landing pages & E-mail marketing – A Basic Overview

We have categorized this segment into two parts:

  1. Landing Pages
  2. Email marketing

Credits: Wordstream

Landing pages are different from the generic site layout. They are designed for a specific purpose like sign-up or to gather information or maybe sell out a particular product/service. They are designed with the motive of driving traffic to accomplish a particular marketing campaign goal. Check out Neil Patel’s detailed guide on landing pages for a better understanding. In our case, the goal of landing page is to collect emails.


Credits: Neil patel

If we talk about E-mail marketing as a whole, landing page is just the first step. The right form of e-mail marketing helps you build a long-lasting relationship with your potential buyers while rejuvenating it with the existing customers. For that, you need to have a prospect and client email list. If you don't have one, you can create a purpose-oriented landing page and implement the code on the page or simply use email subscription plugins out there to get started.

Now, You might question:
Does E-mail marketing still hold relevance for your business amidst all the SPAM and Social Media boost?

Well, it does, and here are three reasons for that:

  1. #1 Communication Channel: No matter how busy we get in our lives, we always find time to open and check our e-mails at least twice a day. Even statistical reports indicate that nearly 90% plus consumers check their e-mails daily.
  2. Better Conversions and ROI: E-mails still get the highest conversions. For every $1 spent on email, businesses get $32 returns. Moreover, email is 40x more effective than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to customer acquisition. It is also a tool which can get you direct sales and is very crucial for branding.
  3. You’re the Rightful Owner: Owing to the rise of multiple social media platforms, we always risk the prospect of getting a BAN/suspended account or not getting enough reach as the algorithm changes. However, that isn’t the case with e-mails. Both your leads and e-mail list are solely yours and nobody can ever take it away from you.

That was all about landing pages and e-mail marketing. Now, let's introduce the elephant in the room.

4 strategies to boost Email Conversions

  1. Keeping your design simple yet effective
  2. Right Call-to-Action Buttons Matter
  3. Optimized Mobile-Layout can Boost Conversions
  4. Properly Segmenting your E-mails and Landing Page

Creating a proper synchronization between your landing page and e-mail is an art worth learning especially when there’s a mad race between the brands for superiority. Here are the 4 fundamentals you must understand:

1. Simplicity is the Key

The old saying “The More, The Merrier” doesn’t apply to landing pages. It’s because landing pages are supposed to be clean and clutter-free. Including too much text or a bunch of images might not convey your brand message to your readers/subscribers.

So, the best hack is to use only the required information within your landing page, keep your text simple with easy-to-understand font style and include one image either as a background or showcasing your main product/service.

2. Right Call-to-Action Button Can Do Wonders

Call-to-Action buttons are one of the most important parts of your landing pages as they influence your conversions. Reports indicate that having one single CTA button can enhance your click-through and conversion rate nearly by 370%. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Check out these statistics.

Thus, ensure your Call-to-Action buttons compel the subscribers to take action. Some strong CTA buttons could look like “PURCHASE NOW”, “SIGN-UP TODAY”, etc.

Including too many call-to-action buttons is always discouraged as it confuses your subscribers to take multiple actions. Thus, include only one CTA button and make it easy to read and spot.

Expert Advice: Keep your call-to-action button large and highlight it with a different color (which isn’t used anywhere else in the design)

3. Optimize Both the Designs for Mobile-Responsiveness & Better Engagement

People are now relying more on their smartphones owing to the rise of the smartphone industry. So, your e-mail and landing page both must have a mobile-friendly layout. It can be done by adopting responsive templates as they would automatically resize depending on the browser or the e-mail client being used to access e-mails.

You can use responsive templates even for your website or can think of creating a mobile-friendly version of your website for better conversions. Some quick tips that you can implement are:

  1. Allowing one­-click calling facility through listed contact number
  2. Synchronizing listed address with Maps or any other directions application
  3. Simple design allowing easy navigation.
  4. Defining proper Call-to-Action buttons

Using these simple steps, you can easily render both the designs for your subscribers to have a hassle-free experience.

4. Segment Your E-mail Lists and Landing Page Properly

Another tip is to segment your e-mail lists to get the maximum output possible. As per HubSpot’s study, the right segmentation can boost your open-rates nearly by 30% and generate 20% plus more revenue. Therefore, you must create separate buckets (groups) for each task to send in more targeted and relevant e-mails to your subscribers.

Subscribers often relate better to those e-mails whose content is relevant for them and meets their requirements. So, you must identify and simultaneously categorize which information would help your particular segment of readers and what might backfire.

Depending on your categorization, you can then create separate landing pages for each segment.

Final thoughts

Grabbing your customers’ attention is a tricky affair unless you understand their taste. You need to ensure that your e-mail campaigns help you drive positive conversions. This can only be accomplished when you have proper sync between your WordPress (or not) landing page and e-mail marketing campaigns.

What marketing tactics are you implementing to create your landing page design and e-mail campaigns? Stuck at some particular strategy? Drop-in your queries and valuable feedback in the comments below. We will discuss it over there. Until then, goodbye!

Co-written by Manu Mathur

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