The complete guide to python and build 11 projects

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@martin-leninMartin Lenin

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This course is absolutely amazing for beginner to learn python. It is easy to follow and the pace is not too fast, the instructor is very good in his work.

This course is for those who want to learn complete python fundamentals and later transition into data science or web development. This course is also for those who are new to python or complete programming beginners. view here

This course is created by Ziyad Yehia with 4.6 rating out of 5. More than 32,950 students have enrolled in this course already. Its 9 hours long course having two articles

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This course teaches you following things:-

  • You can build 11 easy python 3 projects
  • You can automate coding tasks by building custom python functions
  • You can learn python 3 by understanding object orienting programming
  • How to use variables to track data in python programs
  • How to create programs that can thing using logic and data structures.
  • How to use loops to improve efficiency, save time and maximize productivity
  • Many mores



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