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Bringing HTML5 games to life. Launching Eulercoder Games — QuickGames

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Long wait is over. We are launching our latest product in the global marketplace today. Eulercoder is launching QuickGames — a global distributor of HTML5 and Android Games. We spent past three months in curating, building and testing our HTML5 games and today is the day we are ready to hit the market.

QuickGames (An Eulercoder company) already partnered with many channel partners to distribute our games globally. We have over 230+ HTML5 games that we are distributing worldwide through our channel partners. Our simple pricing model and integration APIs make the integration of our games seamless and easy.

This article covers all the information about QuickGames, our services, products, pricing model and basic FAQs.

So let’s get started…

QuickGames Partner Network — Yes, we are looking for distributors in the US, Canada and Australia 😉, Shoot us an email — hello@eulercoder.com

Our Services 💼

QuickGames supports all the major devices and platforms, we have developed High Quality HTML5 games that be played on any device without downloading it. We support Android, iOS, Desktop, Browsers, In-flight entertainment systems, Smart TVs, OEMs or your own website or app. Our powerful APIs (99.9% uptime) let’s us integration our games on any platform.

Eulercoder Games Mobile App 📱

Our beautifully designed mobile app can be easily white labeled and used anywhere. Our Mobile App has full support of Subscription APIs, Social Sign In, Social Leaderboard, Liked Game sections, User settings etc.

Here is our mobile app demo.

Web Portal 🖥

We are building our latest Web gaming portal with top open source technologies — React, NodeJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, Docker and AWS for servers. We want to make sure whatever we develop is the top notch product. As a tech company, we strive to create high quality and scalable web apps.

APIs 🌐

We support many powerful APIs. We also build APIs if there is any specific requirement for our partners.

  • Games API — Get the full list of all the games.
  • Publisher API — API for publishers, get your publisher key and start using our games.
  • Subscription API — If you would like to charge your users a subscription fee on monthly or weekly basis, we support that as well.
  • Liked Games — Save liked games for users.
  • User Activity — We have built APIs to save user activity, let users start where they had left.

Pricing Model 💁🏻‍$

Our pricing models is very simple, no hidden cost, flat fees. We distribute games on 50–50% revenue share. So,

  • 50% of the total revenue a partners make including but not limited too apps, web portal, browser and anywhere where our games are being played.
  • Flat 500 USD/month if you would like to use our Mobile or web portal. 1000 USD/month if you would like to use both. All the handling, hosting, support, maintenance, required changes and customizations will be done by us.

Who can join our partner network? 🤷🏻‍

  • Frankly speaking any company or person, though it’s good to have some userbase or network in the market for initial user acquisition.
  • Telecom operators
  • VAS Companies
  • B2C companies
  • Airlines

FAQs 💁🏻‍

  • What are the basic requirements to join Games partner network?
    ​There is no specific requirement, just shoot us an email, let’s get our contract and NDA signed and we are ready to hit the market.
  • How long does it take to complete the integration?
    ​It depends on how effectively we communicate and get things done, if you would like to use our mobile app or web portal, it can take upto one week for all the customizations and integration of all the required APIs.
  • Contract lasts for how many years?
    ​We usually sign the contract for 2 years and it can be easily extended.
  • What if I would like cancel the contract?
    ​You can cancel the contract anytime but you have to give one month of notice period. We don’t want our partners to leave us though. 🙈

If you like to join our partner network and distribute our games, please shoot us an email — hello [at] eulercoder [dot] com , we would love to hear from you and bring our games on your platform. You can also directly schedule a call to discuss about partnership here.


If you have good network in the major telecom companies or if you can bring partners in our network, let’s talk, we are offering upto 10% of the total revenue to our affiliates. Write to us — hello [at] eulercoder [dot] com with subject “Affiliate Partner…”

Ok, that’s all I have for now. More news in the upcoming weeks.

Are you a developer? Would you like to help us in building QuickGames website? Let’s talk!

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