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[BREAKING] Pants Now Officially Optional

— In Your New Limited Edition Hacker Noon Tee:

Hey Hacker, 

You're too sexy for the shirt you're wearing right now.

Why not get yourself a brand new, limited edition Hacker Noon tee instead?
If the kickass design isn't enough to have you adding to cart faster than Facebook's staff have taken to protesting, then allow us to woo you with a worthy cause: 

$10 from every limited edition Hacker Noon shirt sold goes to Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF*) to help protect the cornerstones of our internet freedoms: privacyfree expression, and innovation.

Get your limited edition Hacker Noon tee today, defend the internet of tomorrow! 💪


And remember: if you get a Hacker Noon tee and don't post about it on social, do you even really own one?

See you on the 'gram
The Hacker Noon Tee-m

 P.S. The EFF is a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit that fights for these fundamental rights through public interest legal work, activism, and software development. Go here to learn more about their work.


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