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Break the Code is BACK!

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Hackers, assemble - Break the Code is BACK!

YAASSSSS... The game that took the tech industry by storm last year is BACK with a bang! We've partnered with .Tech Domains this year to make things BIGGER and BETTER with Break the Code 2.0.

Here's your chance to have fun and win $30,000 worth of prizes!

Break the Code 2.0. is Breaking the Internet

The game is NOW Live! The contest has officially started on March 25th!

HackerNoon has teamed up with .Tech Domains for Break the Code 2.0; an action-packed, puzzle-solving, codebreaking experience created only for the true, hardened techies that can withstand the pressure of brain-twisting missions.

.Tech domains have amped up their game this year with #BTC2, bringing even more fun, adrenaline rush, and trickier puzzles to be solved.

With the flag-off on March 25th, tech enthusiasts, gamers, and coders around the world get 21 days to participate in an online contest of tech-based puzzles, with prizes galore to be won.

#Rollback to the 90's

Break The Code 2.0 has an even crazier theme than before---the 90's! Inspired from Windows 98, this year's contest features puzzles based on the 90's--the year of the founding of Google, of Napster, and floppy disks.


The year when the tech industry was still a dwarf starting to take giant steps of expansion and innovation. We've come a long way! With a rollback theme, the puzzles are going to be more fun, more mind-bending, and all the more rewarding.

C'mon 90's!


All you need to do is: participate, solve, win!  Need more details? Read about rules and prizes (the 90’s way) here.

#The Challenge

At the cusp of the millennium, a fiery struggle rages on hidden behind internet protocols and dial-up modems. You, the Codebreaker, have been recruited by to thwart the plans of the alliance determined to reign havoc on the world as we know it.

The game features 4 Drives, each with multiple Missions (ciphers). You have time - until April 15th to complete the missions. Read details here.




Some fantastic prizes await legends who crack the puzzles and sail through. Some of the prizes to be won from $30,000 worth of prize pool:

  • A MacBook Pro
  • Tamagotchi
  • Sony PlayStation 5
  • And lots more!


What is Break the Code 2?It's a limited-time (primarily-PC) game comprising of ciphers, puzzles, etc. The game has been created by .Tech Domains, a domain extension for the techies and the tech industry.

Who is Break the Code 2 for?The game is intended for coders, techies, programmers who love to geek out over hard-to-solve puzzles and ciphers.

When can the game be played?The game will be live from March 25th until April 15th, where participants can play to be awarded prizes by .Tech Domains. The game is divided into 4 Drives that will open over the 21 day period, consisting of a total of 11 Missions.

How can players win prizes? The goal is to finish all the Drives the fastest. There are a total of 38 prizes to be won.

So do you think you have what it takes?

Head over to to get started!



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