MENDING THE BREAKUP: Making the user fall in love again through the new era of blockchain-powered advertising.

It is a well-known fact of life that every single one of us love clicking banners — PSYCH! OF COURSE, NOT! No one clicks banners anymore. Based on recent studies, it is more likely for you to survive an airplane crash than to click a banner. If you still think that the number isn’t that low enough already, further studies show that 50% of all clicks on ad banners are accidental. Imagine the astronomical probability, and furthermore, imagine cutting it in half: it’s that small. Perhaps this can be attributed to the animosity between users and digital ads that has existed since the dawn of digital advertising.

DIGITAL ADVERT: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Ads should allure their audience and capture their interest, and this is not the current case with traditional methods.

Couch potatoes are migrating. In the past 3 years, TV viewership has been steadily declining and the collective time spent on television has now been dominated by the collective time spent on mobile apps. The emergence of online platforms such as video streaming sites and social media platforms has caused the diaspora of the television demographic. As a consequence, the then-lucrative business of TV advertising is also declining as businesses start to invest more in digital advertising.

However, this paradigm shift to digital advertising isn’t as simple and straightforward as a commercial that interrupts your favorite TV show for your attention. Users have complete control over what they want and do not want in the digital world, and so it is difficult to catch their attention as in this realm, they actually have a choice.

This is where digital marketing strategies come in, hence starting the rising action of the user-advert breakup. The birth of banner ads has spawned countless clickbaits that mislead and waste users’ time for useless information. Pop-up ads disrupt user experience and annoys them instead of capturing their interests. Spam tends to do nothing but to wreck user experience altogether. These inconveniences has since then tarnished the reputation of advertisements in general, and has marked audiences with a sense of repulsion towards them.

THE USER: “I thought I could trust you…”

Handling, analyzing and capitalizing user data without their knowledge is both violating and unjust.

Advertising platforms has attempted to fix this by developing programmatic media buying, big data techniques and behavioral data analysis. Through these, algorithms are able to track user data and behavior, analyze them and tailor an advertising experience that is suitable for your personal interests, preferences and needs. This may solve the problem for wasteful mass-advertising and aimless pop-ups, but this poses security and proprietorship issues on the users who own the data that these platforms utilize and capitalize on.

This meant that our data is being analyzed without our knowledge and consent, and are being sold to markets without our permission. We have no choice in what we get to share or not as these platforms have access to everything. In other words, our privacy is violated and we are stolen from in exchange for “free” social media, streaming and many other services. Adding more salt on the wound is the possibility of data leak on the side of these platforms that has the threat of completely releasing your sensitive personal information on the internet.

AD-BLOCK: “User is with me now.”

Users found a way to abstain from advertisements through ad-block applications.

The animosity between users and digital advertising has become more apparent with the recent boom of the Ad-Block industry. With the security threats scattered online not only by suspicious sites, but also the platforms that the public has learned to trust, Ad-Blocks are now seen as a necessary utility. Although beneficial on the side of the consumers, businesses that invest on digital advertising see drops in their Return of Investment (ROI), tipping the scales of the advertising ecosystem and ultimately crippling the circulation of value that keeps the network of platforms, marketers and businesses running.

DATx: “STEP ASIDE. Digital Advert still has something to say.”

Disclosure: I will cover this project in particular given I have done extensive research on it for this research article. There are plenty of other projects coming to the industry to achieve similar things, but this one I can definitely share some actual knowledge on. Please read along…

Blockchain technology welcomes users to the advertising ecosystem, resolving issues, and making sure that value circulates from marketers to end-users, creating a rewarding multi-win relationship.

How would digital marketing win the users back? DATx proposes a solution — a next-generation digital advertising ecosystem that works under blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is the only successful protocol to become fully decentralized. Thanks to cryptography, it is the only system to work without regulation. This is because it works under the strict absolute principle that “Math is law.” Blockchains are programmed to be immutable and thus will remain untampered, unaltered and callback-proof till the end of time. Furthermore, since processing of data in the blockchain is based on a consensus algorithm, the blockchain is free from a central governing entity that regulates everything, freeing the system from being crippled by a mere single mistake an entity can make. Lastly, the system will always have its integrity intact as it relies on a consensus, making sure that no fraudulent attack can be made.

Blockchain has first been seen used for cryptocurrency, made by Satoshi Nakamoto solely for the use of Bitcoin. However, blockchain has proven itself useful in many other fields of record-keeping and collective data processing which is why it has also found itself being integrated into digital logistics, smart contracts, data storage and distribution, game logic and countless more.

DATx sees blockchain technology as the missing link to solve the problems that separated advertising from its users by integrating an automated, unbiased, decentralized and absolute system that makes sure that every player in the ecosystem justly gets back (with a bit more) what they willingly give away, while at the same time keeping the system transparent, secure and private.

DIGITAL ADVERT: “Vindicated. I am selfish I am wrong…”

Admitting the shortcomings of traditional digital advertising and resolving them with blockchain technology.

● Your data, your property

DATx acknowledges user data proprietorship. Of course, it’s your data after all, and therefore you have the right to do whatever you want with it. No one should get their hands on your data without your permission. With blockchain, DATx ensures that your data will be in your sole control and no one else can see or manipulate it, not even DATx itself. This is because every user in the blockchain is an automatic wallet holder which has a digital identity. All the data included in the blockchain are encrypted, and can only be decrypted by its proprietor and anyone who has been given rights to access it.

● Big Data Processing won’t steal from you anymore

In application of blockchain data proprietorship to programmatic marketing, you get to choose which data you want to share and be analyzed by advertisers.This means that you can leave out any private or sensitive information you wish to keep to yourself. Users are then incentivized for their feedback on the system. These data are then bought by advertisers from the advertising platform, enabling them to specifically target an audience that would be interested in them based on the data they provided. As a result, users are not bothered by uninteresting ads, but are instead met with what they like and prefer and businesses are able to maximize their Return of Investment since they get to save their resources from being used in advertising to the wrong people.

● Through direct audience feedback, you get to choose what you want to see, and advertisers get to give what you want

Direct audience feedback provides more accurate data in contrary to traditional behavioral analytic algorithms because what the advertisers are after is the audiences’ preference, which is not accurately manifested in their patterns. Through feedback, audiences are able to voice out what they want to see and are encouraged to do so by means of incentivization which will be discussed later on. Also, all the data that users give out are still in their ownership, maintaining their right to privacy and proprietorship.

This healthy user-advertiser relationship maximizes advertising experience, keeping the values continuously circulating in the business-marketer-platform-end user cycle.

● Incentivization via DATx cryptocurrency makes users benefit from the data they provide in just a matter of minutes.

The blockchain is a distributed ledger. By that fact, it is built upon the principle that what you give is what you get. This absolute rule is what keeps blockchain-based systems credible and indisputable. With DATx recognizing personal user data as a property that holds value, businesses are able to purchase them directly for advertising purposes. DATx Coins enable businesses to allocate their budget on the parameters of their target audiences, and audiences are incentivized accordingly in an instant. With this system, audiences are encouraged to willingly provide their data, and advertiser get more accurate data. The wheel is kept turning by benefiting every participant in the ecosystem.

DATx: “Give Digital Advert another chance.”

The user-advert relationship didn’t work out the first time because it was a one-sided relationship — adverts benefit at the expense of inconveniencing their users. DATx comes in to bring blockchain into the relationship to ensure that everyone receives what they deserve. With DATx, perhaps it’s time to give ads another chance.

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