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Hackernoon logoBeginning of a Programming Career by@Programmer007

Beginning of a Programming Career

Many of us have various doubts like how to start a career in Programming?? I too had the same doubt .I had know one to guide for me. So, first I started to learn HTML and CSS which led the way for web development.

I used to buy always Head First Books which will be very interesting to read.

Then I had purchased a course in Udemy Complete Web Development Course that had covered all the concepts of both front end and back end.

After this course only I learned what I need to learn next and how to become a developer.

To be successful in this career you need not to learn all the programming languages. Initially you choose any language you are interested in and learn all the basics thoroughly . Take your own time to learn those stuffs.Then after learning do some 2 to 3 big projects and try some open source projects that will be available in GitHub.

If you don't know anything just try to google it or post your doubt in website.

Learn by yourself with confidence .Don't quit at any stage.At first it will be tough after learning one language other language will be so easy for you.After enough experience attend the interview you will be successful!!



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