Axie Infinity battling and the Loom Network by@AxieInfinity

Axie Infinity battling and the Loom Network

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Axie Infinity

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We have been paying close attention to Loom Network for some time and it is our great pleasure to announce that we will be using their technology to make Axie Infinity a more immersive gaming experience!

In case you haven’t heard of us yet, Axie Infinity is a game centered around collecting, raising, breeding, and battling beautiful pets called Axies, with ownership secured on the Ethereum blockchain.

ZombieChain is a dAppChain which is being created using the Loom SDK. It’s a layer-two blockchain which uses the Ethereum blockchain as its base-layer. This means that players will be able to battle Axies without dealing with the constraints of the Ethereum blockchain. Once a battle starts the Axies will be transferred to the ZombieChain and the battle logic will take place there. After the battle has completed the Axies will be transferred back to the Ethereum blockchain with the information about who won or lost.

Enter the fray in the Axie Infinity Arena. Coming soon.

ZombieChain is a DPoS sidechain and once it goes live it will be dependant on nodes which are being supplied by the Loom Network. When Axie Infinity grows in popularity we will likely create our own dAppChain (AxieChain?) and look for ways to reward node validators around the world. Using an existing layer-two blockchain simplifies things a lot for us and means we can focus on creating a great game without worrying too much about scaling.

We are really excited to follow the progress of ZombieChain and working together with Loom Network to bring you interactive battles. Here are some of the main reasons we choose Loom Network:

  • Good relationship with the Loom Network team will make it easier to solve potential problems quickly
  • Sub second block times
  • Native Solidity support
  • Plasma Cash support incoming (read this if you are worried about security and relying on the ZombieChain consensus algorithm)
  • Validator election & staking via DPoS
  • Gaming oriented

Want to know more about dAppChains and Loom Network?

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