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Awesome VS Code Shortcuts

Some useful shortcuts during my transition from Sublime to VS Code I discovered and enjoy using in my daily coding time.

See all keybindings (⌘K ⌘S) and customise them. I don’t think you need more tips afterwards.

You can preview Markdown directly in the editor

Just ⇧⌘V and you will get an instant preview of your markdown or even use it side-by-side with ⌘K V (get your finger of ⌘ when you press V). It also includes live preview of your changes 🎉

Use zen mode for distraction free coding (⌘K Z). Escape Escape for getting back to the normal view

Don’t select parts of your code ⌘X is already cutting the whole line. Sometimes I see developers still selecting and cutting out manually. Or use ⌥↓ / ⌥↑ for basic line moves.

Execute tasks faster with directly typing task into your command palette (⌘P > type ‘task’)

Or use ⌘P for quick opening files.

Or Open VS Code directly from os x terminal 💥. This is a feature I really liked a lot back then Sublime. Basically you open command palette (⇧⌘P > type ‘shell command’ > select ‘Install’) and bäm!

Open default os x terminal already configured for the project folder (⌘⇧C)

Switching from another editor ? Use keymaps they create keyboard bindings so you feel more comfortable 👏🏼

For more stuff I can recommend official docs here , here and a huge list regarding extensions awesome-vscode.

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