Attract, Engage, Convert, Nurture — Create a Website Conversion Funnel with Your Social Media Fans by@avalonhost
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Attract, Engage, Convert, Nurture — Create a Website Conversion Funnel with Your Social Media Fans

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If you’ve had a chance to read my previous blog about improving your website traffic with Facebook and Twitter activities, perhaps I made you think more about how to optimize your website for a better performance, a strong online presence, and marketing success.

Today, I’d like to show you a few examples of how to create that action that will generate the conversion funnel regardless of which social media platform you choose.

What is a Conversion Funnel?

Conversion funnel is a journey an online consumer/visitor takes through an Internet advertising or search system to your website in order to convert to a sale.


Conversion funnel is a continuous mission of getting, keeping and growing your customer base while using technology and other available tools to meet their needs more efficiently. It’s lead nurturing, behavioral targeting, retention and referrals all rolled into one.

– Neil Patel, Entrepreneur, investor & influencer

There are 3 types of conversion funnel, and once you decide to get yourself involved, deciding on the right conversion funnel model is one of your first steps.

  1. Acquisition funnel — helps businesses acquire as many new visitors and customers as possible. How to achieve that? Create an interesting offer that will get your potential visitors interested in you. (e.g. Offer a free e-book)
  2. Activation funnel — helps businesses convert new visitors and customers into buyers. You can, for example, offer an attractive blog about something that your visitors/customers would find useful.
  3. Monetization funnel — helps businesses generate revenue from active buyers and/or subscribers. This type of funnel might require a bit more complex offers, such as a live event or a webinar.

The funnel is really a mixture of attraction, interest, desire, action (AIDA). However, things don’t get quite as simple as this seems. Your main focus must be your customer’s behaviour. Speaking of which, attracting them is indeed a hard thing, but nurturing them is even harder.

Examples of Successful Conversion Funnelling via Social Media


Nike is the master of all 4 parts of the conversion funnel, no doubt about that. Here is a fantastic example of how to attract your visitors by using a rich media tweet:


Components of this tweet consist of an attractive image, link to website, and one or more specific hashtags that represent the business, product or service.


Aussie Hair posted an engagement-oriented post on Facebook, inviting fans to win an interesting gift.


The post included an attractive season-related image, a link to the website, a keyword (in this case “Win”), and a hashtag related to the product.


Once you’ve successfully got your visitors interested, and some of them have engaged with you, use Facebook retargeting to convert them into buyers.


In MVMT Watches’ case (image above), the use of the powerful keywords makes a huge difference. The combination of the keywords, such as “Free” and “Buy”, including an appealing image, creates a higher possibility for a visitor to make that move and buy your product or a service.


Here comes perhaps the most difficult part. To nurture your existing visitors/customers is a demanding task as you need to be creative, fun and useful at the same time.


I took an example of Starbucks, although I understand that brands as popular as this don’t have to worry about any of this. They are simply creative, fun and useful all the time. However, above is the example how Starbucks nurtures its customers via social media. The keyword is “Reward”!

That’s exactly what your won customers expect from you. They want to be rewarded for their loyalty and for the fact that they shared their details with you. These kind of customers/visitors are highly important for your business as they can be your ambassadors and share (good) words about you. It’s simply important for your business to create the strategy for nurturing existing customers otherwise all those steps taken before won’t make much sense, hence your funnelling strategy will become an astray cycle.

How To Begin Your Conversion Funnel Activity?

You will hear many different advices from a variety of different professionals. However, there are three simple steps to take, with all three built upon the first one:

For those who are just starting to get busy combining website activities with social media platforms, Avalon is here to prepare your launch, hence make you win the extensive online world.

Are you ready to boost your online business?

This article was originally published at Avalon blog.


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