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An Idea By Lonero That Can Change Millions Of Lives

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Many people are divided over issues that technologically can be solved. The whole pro-life vs. pro-choice argument are one of those issues. Pro-life people believe in the concept-unborn child Hitchen's style argument. The whole argument is that most studies towards modern day embryology are pointing to abortion terminating an unborn child. Pro-Choice on the other hand look at the financial and environmental downfalls of potentially raising an unplanned pregnancy, as well as the reproductive rights of a women not wanting to raise or have such child. Keeping in mind the dangers of cervix damage risk, it perhaps is much safer to give birth over giving an abortion.

Now I'm not here trying to make a pro-life or pro-choice argument. This isn't the point of this post and most people have their concerns. However if there was a way to appease both while saving the tax payers billions of dollars (which leaves room for other healthcare services for women), this may seem like a win/win.

My question then relies on how can we solve this problem? What concepts can we apply technologically and legally in order to help both sides of the coin? The answer is simple, and it might surprise you.

Things I am taking into consideration are open adoption agreements, timelines for which visitation rights expire, court hearings, and even the blockchain and cryptography.

My idea in terms of a technological proposal is actually quite simple. What if open adoption agreements were contractually formed, signed, and verified through blockchain cryptography? What if you have an adoption matching network between those who can't handle taking care of the child with those looking to adopt? Ofcourse, this software may need some willing adoption centers, an ethics board, and you will likely still need to appear in court for finalization of the adoption process. However, this software proposal may solve a while bunch of problems.

One such problem is since the need for abortion is no longer there with a matched adoptive person, lots of the money funding abortion centers or advocacy group by donors can hence be used to provide other well needed healthcare services for women. Services that are life saving like breast cancer screenings, mammography, and checking for gynecological cancers, can hence be more focused on. Even those who are pregnant can focus on prenatal care.

The pro-choice person doesn't need to have psychological trauma, potential cervix damage, or any unplanned events afterwards given the adoptive process. The pro-life person is also appeased by the fact that the unborn child was born.

First step is first, I'm thinking of primarily seeing if I can focus on a technological framework, multi-state blockchain contractual design, and then the whole process continues from there. Given I have a whole variety of things to do on my todo list, I'm not sure the soonest I can get to this or if, but this is on planning for sure.

I think one of the better uses of blockchain technology outside of conveniencing people are finding problems that people are politically divided by and meet in the middle. I hope many pro-life and pro-choice people like this technological proposal, and perhaps many from both sides may try getting involved.

This is another algorithmic and cryptographic pipeline development proposal untop of Lonero's decentralized-internet SDK.


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