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Hackernoon logoA sketch-note guide to node.js streams; part 1 by@_lrlna

A sketch-note guide to node.js streams; part 1

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@_lrlnaIrina Shestak

Edit: part 2 has also been published 🙈 🙉 🙊.

I would like to introduce you to node.js streams. In a sketch notes medium. On medium dot com.

Sooooooooo, at some point last weekend I was reading through node’s streams documentation, started writing all those heaps of knowledge down, and voilà this tweet was born:

As you can surely tell, my 4 year old phone camera is not made for taking any kind of pictures in the year 2016 of our lord (but it was great in 2012, I swear). This post contains a scanned (wow, scanners are still a thing, you say \o/) version of the aforementioned docs.

As part 1 of the series, I am noting the basics of readables && writables, and their respective APIs. Stay tuned for the notes on implementing these lil things!

Edit: You can now also read through part 2 of these sketchnotes.

what are streams even; and a lil’ intro to writables
writables writables writables writables; i did say writables, right?
wowowoow readables got modes
readable API and Events!
readables! Continued!

As a friendly wave, want to remind you these are sketch notes, so I advise you to look at the documentation for a more detailed examples of the way a certain method works.

Thanks for reading through, yo; you’re dope 💯.


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