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Hackernoon logoA List of Businesses Giving Away Free Stuff in Response To Covid-19 by@lillyjones

A List of Businesses Giving Away Free Stuff in Response To Covid-19

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Coronavirus doesn’t just pose a threat to human health it also poses threat to the economy. It is especially hard for small companies to survive, to manage work from home flow and security.

Gladly there are companies that can survive themselves and can even help other businesses. Companies are taking action and being socially responsible by providing others with free tools they can use during this crisis.

Microsoft — offering free trial for Team Chat

Microsoft, trying to be an ethical company, decided to offer free trials for their Team Chat App, which will help companies communicate with their employees while working from home.

Surfshark — giving out Free VPN for small businesses

Surfshark is a well known Cyber Security company that provides VPN services. During the COVID-19 pandemic they decided to give a 6 months plan for small companies for free. Read more about it here.

Google — free Access to Hangouts Meet

Google decided to allow free access to their Hangouts Meet. The free access will be available for all G suite and G Suit for education users.

Zoom — free video conference software

Although zoom has always offered a free version, now they are trying to offer maximum reliability and capacity for free. Also they are offering information sessions to help businesses use Zoom.

LogMeIn — Emergency Remote Work Kits

LogMeIn is offering “Emergency remote work kits” for free for three months. They are created for non profit organizations, schools, health care organizations and small businesses.

Jamm — audio-visual communication tool

Jamm is offering free audio-visual communication tools built to help remote workers.

Meero — Free Large File Transfers

Meero (file transfer service) is offering their services for free and will support large file transfers helping companies while working remotely.

OneDine — Free Tap & Pay

Since paying by credit cards is preferred and recommended right now, OneDine is offering a free Tap & Pay touchless payment system which will help restaurants.

Do you know of any good companies offering free access to products or services right now? Let us know in the comments.


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