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A Hidden Crypto Goldmine: CoinList Token Sales

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We're all always looking for an edge. The problem is, especially with crypto, an edge usually means questionable projects and potential scams. I want to share with you a potential gold mine that I've found. FYI – CoinList token sales are not available for U.S., Canadian, or Chinese Citizens.

I'm talking about CoinList and their token sales. (This is a referral code. We will each earn $10 in BTC when you buy or sell $100+ in assets).

Why do I like CoinList token sales? I was in on crypto during the 2017 ICO bubble. I know what it is to invest in initial public offerings and I know how hard it can be to honestly assess the quality of the projects. I've been scammed before and I truly tried to do my own research. Thus, I like CoinList because they are quite selective about what projects they support and who they allow to participate in their sales. This is good for both companies and investors. So far, I've been very impressed by the quality of their offerings. Their platform is also simply excellent in terms of functionality and usability.

I want to address a couple of points:

  1. What is CoinList?
  2. How have the token sales on CoinList performed?
  3. What should you know before you particpate in any of the sales?

What is CoinList?

CoinList is both an exchange and a new token listing platform. It's one of the more professional exchanges out there, second only to Coinbase in my opinion.

The platform is quite usable but does require a pretty intensive KYC before you begin trading or investing.

Quality Projects

I appreciate them because they seem to thoroughly vet the projects that they list – their projects are all quality startups with good teams and interesting visions. The projects they choose are mostly already earning money and supporting users.

Quality Investors

They also vet users to help ensure the long-term success of the project. Users can't invest without answering a series of questions on the project and different sale tiers have various buy limits and lockups to prevent dumping. If you are caught using bots you will have your investment confiscated and your account locked.

Ultimately, the fact that you don't have whales buying enormous quantities of the token only to dump it at first-listing is an enormous advantage.

The tokens often open trading on CoinList which is convenient. CoinList also supports staking the tokens, often at generous returns such as 32% for NU and 17.8% for UST.

There's a catch

The catch is that it's not easy to get an allocation. Assuming you registered before the sale, they will send you a sale link the day of. By clicking it, you will enter into a waitlist. When the sale starts, you are given a random place in the waitlist to make your purchase. Yesterday's Swarm sale sold out with only about 26,435 people getting an allocation. The sale itself though had over 125k thousand people trying to make a purchase. But it's still worth trying.

Coinlist-ing Performance

I do not own any tokens in any of the following projects.

Here are the last five projects on CoinList:

Vega - a decentralized derivatives platform.

  • Sale date: June 2
  • Sale price: Tier 1 ($5), Tier 2 ($10), Tier 3 ($15)
  • First exchange listing price: $55
  • Current price: $45

Centrifuge - a platform for turning real-world assets into NFTs.

  • Sale date: May 26
  • Sale price: Tier 1 ($.55), Tier 2 ($.38)
  • First exchange listing price: $16
  • Current price: $10.80

Covalent - a decentralized data platform

  • Sale date: April 30
  • Sale price: Tier 1 ($.30), Tier 2 ($.35), Tier 3 (.25)
  • Unlisted still

Clover - a cross-chain DeFi protocol and application

  • Sale date: April 24
  • Sale price: Tier 1 ($.20), Tier 2 ($.29), Tier 3 (.35)
  • First exchange listing price: $40
  • Current price: $3.70

Rally - platform for launching decentralized creator economies

  • Sale date: April 1
  • Sale price: $0.60
  • First exchange listing price: $1.39 (the token was trading before the sale).
  • Current price: $.59

Casper – a blockchain platform directed at enterprise adoption

  • Sale date: March 23
  • Sale price: Tier 1 ($.015), Tier 2 ($.02), Tier 3 ($.03)
  • First exchange listing price: $1.32
  • Current price: $0.2385

Flow - an innovative layer-1 blockchain. Flow was run as an auction where the price dropped as time went along until the supply ran out.

  • Sale date: Oct 02
  • Lowest Sale price: $0.38
  • First exchange listing price: $8.20
  • Current price: $12.14

Airdrops: Dfinity – Dfinity released a large supply of tokens to those who registered via CoinList for their airdrop in the summer of 2018. Users received varying quantities of tokens, but some airdrops were valued upwards of $10k. At the time users had to pay a $9 processing fee.

General Advice

1. Do your own research and only invest what you can lose. Prior performance is no guarantee of future success. The markets change daily.

2. Understand each project's specific details: Each sale has different tiers with different pricing, buy limits, and lockup periods. Read up on each project and decide which one seems like the best investment for you. Consider your risk profile when picking which tier to invest. Better prices and longer lock-up periods mean more potential for reward. But there is less risk with higher prices and shorter lock-up periods. Many projects don't offer different tiers.

Recognize too that being in it for the long run with these projects is valuable. Often you can earn profitable rewards by staking in their ecosystem. You can also get involved with the project and offer your skills. This is an awesome avenue to get involved in the industry.

3. Prepare everything before the sale: You can't buy with fiat. That means you have to transfer money beforehand. Make sure to do the KYC process for each sale. You can deposit USD as well via bank transfer or wire.

4. Follow the rules. Make sure you have citizenship from a country that is allowed access to the platform. Don't use bots. Read up on the rules before you participate. They are strict and harsh against those who break them.

Pending Token Sales:

I will attempt to publish articles about upcoming sales. Your encouragement helps.

Human: Review coming soon (maybe if I can make the time...)


The Human Protocol is a marketplace where you can offer and recruit virtual work. What is virtual work? Essentially, they are tasks that help train AI. The protocol makes use of a blockchain to support micropayments and transparent bounty settlement.

Efinity: Review coming soon (hopefully).


Designed by Enjin, Efinity is a platform that will support NFT creation. In other words, users will be able to easily create NFTs via Efinity. Because it is built with Polychain, NFTs from any chain can be moved onto the Efinity platform.

To be honest, I am most excited about Efinity.

The Bottomline

As you can see, CoinList has a selective and quality list of projects. Their offerings have all done enormously well on the secondary market. I would recommend looking at the options available to you. This is a great way of getting in early on some of the best projects in the space.

As always, do your own research. The fact that projects have performed well in the past does not mean they will perform well in the future.

My referral links helps support me in these educational articles.

I received no compensation for this article.  This is not investment advice, merely my opinion on the matter. You should do your own research and temper my words with your own wisdom and risk appetite.

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