A Game-Changing Platform to Discover NFTs by@andrew0

A Game-Changing Platform to Discover NFTs

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NFTs have recently become a big phenomenon, and they are still something new, not yet going mainstream. But this kind of market has some inefficiencies, also due to its novelty and early stage.

Among the current problems in the NFT space and community, we may mention:

  • Platform fragmentation: many different platform often become a dilemma for collectors and artists: which platform is better?
  • Different blockchains: even though Ethereum is the main blockchain used, many new, alternative blockchains are being used, mainly to solve the issue with ETH transaction fees and gas
  • Uncertainty about the real value of a specific NFT: it’s quite hard to really know how much that specific NFT is worth. Price discovery mechanics are still quite difficult to figure out both for sellers and buyers.
  • Market is already flooded by millions NFTs: of course, having a wide choice is always good, but sometimes it’s really hard being able to find what you’re really looking for, when market is so flooded by thousands artists, projects and artworks

What looks quite strange, at the moment, is that even big players in the NFT world, like Opensea and Rarible, are still missing basic features, to help collectors to search and identify the best “deals”. Also, only very popular artists and NFT creators are getting all the visibility, while smaller players are often invisible and struggle very hard to get also a little promotion there.

A possible solution is a search engine, capable of searching both recency data (the most recent bids on the blockchain) and archived items (where every NFT creator can login with their Metamask or just drop an ETH address to get listed). This is what nftguru.io does, at the moment.


Another already available feature, for those who connect with their Metamask and are the real owners of the listed NFTs, is to allow them to put meta-tags on each item, like 2d, 3d, animated, static, abstract, figurative, etc. Those meta-tags allow users to really refine their search and find exactly the kind of asset they are searching for.

To give a quick idea of what this website currently does (keep in mind that it’s still in Beta at the moment), here’s a list of the features available:

  • Search by keyword, price range, category, platform, recency
  • For the archived NFTs: also search by meta-tag
  • Allow NFTs creators to connect and add the meta-tags, additional info on price and more
  • Also allow to customize user’s profile with social media, website, virtual worlds, etc
  • Logged users can follow other users and being followed by others
  • Recent bids and random NFTs from the inner archived displayed in the home page
  • Pinned NFT of the week in the home page
  • There is also the website’s newsletter, the Telegram channel and a Decentraland parcel where site’s users have their artwork displayed

For future development of the platform, check the “about” page.

NOTE: I am the developer and creator of the NFTguru website.

If you are a NFT creator or a collector, visit https://nftguru.io and try it out!

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