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A Full Proof Security Concept for Our Virtual Anonymity

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“Anonymity is just a perception. It’s not that somebody owns it but possess it”

What is happening to our anonymity?

Now, we may or may not know it but the top government agencies from all around the world are spying on us continuously 24 X 7 by recording our call location, tracking our mobile GPS, Facebook & Twitter Update, online payment logs & bills, CCTV & ATM & other surveillance cameras. In fact, your every move is being recorded and analyzed by these professionals hiding behind the government mask using some serious deep Learning algorithm. Some of the government organizations that track us are CIA, NSA Pentagon and much more. What’s their motive?

DEEP LEARNING ALGORITHM — Machine trained data using algorithm to detect the pattern using the past data.
ANONYMITY — PRIVACY (Securing Identity.)

Why are they doing that?

They think that by being recording the activity of all the persons all around the globe, they have the potential to separate terrorists from the clusters of common people by analyzing their actions and pasts. They believe that they can stop these attack by predicting their future moves, thus trying to save millions of lives. But, hiding behind this aim they cannot gives excuses on invading the privacy of everyone which itself is a very big crime.

I haven’t done any wrong in my entire life. Why should I worry about it?

In the today’s world of digital information, the most valuable asset of any organization can be its information collected about its users that exists around the globe.

This isn’t about you. No amount of money, gold, diamond, bitcoin can buy us that much information which the government agencies and other top brands are acquiring from the unauthorized ways for free. Think about it. Google stores data which includes search queries of each Google product, our mail, drive and our other data in their cache for 8 years. Facebook does the same for 5–6 years. These government agencies are now keeping track of all your whereabouts. They access all their data from these websites and
cross verify them from other sources too.

With this huge big data and deep machine learning algorithm, they already know where were you a couple of seconds ago, they can predict where you are going to be in the next couple of seconds, next one minute or next hour.

All your life will become controlled and all the other factors can be controlled in our life by these external agents. We may end up becoming a sacrificial pawn in their bigger picture.

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An Effective OS — A Concept:

An OS for people who hate surveillance of the NSA and governments. An OS for the paranoid and the realistic. The following Techs would make it better than other OSs:

It should perform a full Remote Mobile Wipe (with encrypted password) if any of its data is compromised.
It should provide a Full multi-layer encryption for the users and all other software.
It should use Tor as a browser. No other browser should be used without routing its network packets through Tor Network
A full proof Virus detection and counter data stealing methods (I kind of used some of the blackphones ideas here). A blackphone is a smartphone built to ensure privacy by providing internet access through VPN.
It should always block PRISM-related software/sites and the definitions for these protocols should be updated from time to time
Identity Creator software (Creates profiles and online identities for fake name and adds pics and bio you select) should be installed to use some one-time services offered by the third party. You can use these on prism sites.
A USB’s need to be verified before use with admin Password to prevent some other from creating a backdoor into our system.
It should automatically encrypt all files and folders as soon as they reach the system.
Preventing software’s/viruses from detecting/deleting files and folders
Automatically password protects files uploaded to the internet and other devices by using a master password.
If any PC is connected to the Bluetooth, then our OS should internally detect
Bluetooth devices in the area and if they are suspected of being NSA/PRISM
related, then the user is warned and Bluetooth hacking software will be opened for user to shut down the devices connectivity. However, if no action is taken within 1 minute it automatically is hacked. (Don’t know this can be done from Wi-Fi too)
Using Automatic VPN/proxies use and Proxies will rotate in a suitable interval of time.
Free anonymous email installed. Tor Mail can be used in this context.
Anonymous video chat pre-installed- Have not heard about such software being implemented.
Anonymous Torrent programs — The seeders and Leachers from the Clearnet torrent does not allow the TOR to function properly and may end up giving our exact location.
Wipe PC hotkey and 1 verification for password then erases with 40 passes.
An Anti-brute force with 5 tries for password and then auto wipe or unlock from mobile which has some secret key.
Anti-remote administration to know what’s happening around our system when we are not there
Second password that if entered will erase everything (Anti-fed)
Warns if the NSA-related hardware is installed or trying to change administrative permissions.

This concept is inspired by a technical discussion of the dark web.

These methods help us in acquiring and protecting our personal information. However, it is not possible for all of us to implement these, but we can do whatever it is in our potential to make our lives more secure, make our world more secure and prove it to everyone else that

Security is not just an illusion out in the real world.

Other than that, don’t be stupid, don’t say or do anything that could reveal the real identity, don’t use nicknames, passwords or anything else that you’ve used on the Clearnet which then could be used to identify you.

But none of this makes any sense if are you are not care full and leave hints of who you are here and there. Remember, the three letters agencies are VERY good on profiling.

Be your Best .

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