10 Secure Online Applications in 2021: No More Spy Spps and Hacker Attacksby@fightforyourright
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10 Secure Online Applications in 2021: No More Spy Spps and Hacker Attacks

by T.W.December 30th, 2020
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A selection of programs for online privacy. All of them will help you not to fall prey to hackers and keep your data safe.

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I have made a selection of the most interesting programs for safe work in the network. All of them will help you not to fall prey to hackers and keep your personal and private corporate data safe.

Many people already know about the anonymous Tor browser or secure messengers like Telegram or WhatsApp. Today we will talk about programs that are not yet so widely known, but are no less effective.

1. Epic Privacy browser

Anonymous and protected browser from developers in India. The main pro is that the program does not track your search and visit history, does not record cache and cookies, blocks ads, trackers and plug-ins, and does not remember passwords you entered.

2. DuckDuckGo

A search engine that monitors the safety of its users, particularly closely. The search engine does not use the data of people for targeted advertising or personalized search output. Moreover, the developers have focused on the purity of the information, rather than on its quantity.

3. Protonmail

Secure email service from Switzerland. A simple and rigorous interface, ease of use and high security combined with data encryption have made Protonmail a huge hit with millions of users around the world. In some countries, the service is blocked, but it’s possible to access mail using a VPN.

4. Tutanota

Another mail service with Encryption, this time from the Germans. Here is what the developers themselves write about their brainchild:

“Secure mail for everyone! Tutanota is the safest mail service in the world, easy to use and private”.

5. Signal

Protected messenger for safe communication. The creators assure that third parties will never have access to your correspondence and will never be able to take possession of your personal data if you use Signal. There is no room for advertising, obsessive marketers or hackers who follow you.

6. Threema

Instant messaging software. A concise messenger with a good interface. Developers prioritize the security and privacy of their users and, as a result, their data. An excellent alternative to more popular analogues.

7. Jabber

A protocol for exchanging messages. It can be difficult for an average citizen to understand the program at first, but the discomfort quickly disappears. The interface seems to be very native, as it resembles the good old “Aska” (ICQ).

But it seems that nobody will say anything better about the program than the creators themselves.

Here is what the official site of the project says:

“This is, the largest jabber server in runet. In combination — the oldest and probably the most reliable … Just take our word for it: Jabber is a chat. A chat that works equally well on your phone, computer, or anywhere else."

8. Slack

Corporate messenger, simple, reliable and convenient — what else is needed to quickly coordinate the next question with colleagues? In the program, there is a possibility both to create a set of group chats, and the correspondence one-to-one. Interestingly, Slack was named the fastest growing business application of all time.

9. Spark

Another messenger. It’s written using Jabber protocol. Some users prefer Spark, so the program is present in our rating. However, you will hardly find any significant difference between the interfaces of Spark and the above-mentioned Jabber. However, Spark is very easy to register and also allows users to mark chat rooms or check the spelling. You’ll agree, it’s a useful tool.

10. Utopia P2P ecosystem

Developers position the project as a whole P2P ecosystem that provides maximum security and anonymity to users. Utopia occupies a special place in our list, as the program is fundamentally different from all the software on the market today.

The system refused to track users and lunched a secure browser, private chat, encrypted mail service, channels for mass communication or publication of any news, as well as an electronic wallet and its own mining system while creating its own cryptocurrency. In fact, the developers were able to create a real system, which contains all the most necessary programs that are in great demand.


All of the above programs have been able to win an audience and prove in practice that user safety comes first. The developers of each of these projects aim to protect people while making their lives more comfortable. Any of the programs mentioned in this article will help you to use internet with maximum efficiency and without fear of becoming a victim of Internet fraud.

Whichever site you choose, remember that no one can protect you from hackers at 100% if you do not take care of the safety of your personal data. Do not disregard elementary security rules in the network and, of course, stay cyberhealthy.

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