9 Web Apps You Won't Believe Were Made with Webflow by@serhadiletir

9 Web Apps You Won't Believe Were Made with Webflow


Webflow gives us tremendous acceleration in transcoding design. At least that's my main use case.

From the first site I built (even hacker news made it onto the homepage) to sites like the spacebar counter that I occasionally make for fun, Webflow gave me a warm welcome in the development world.

If the code editor scares you, I highly recommend this tool if you want to start building from somewhere. It has various other features such as CMS and e-commerce. I even heard that the Membership feature will be announced soon.


Developers usually convert their beautiful designs into sharp code with Webflow, then export them and add the necessary functions. So, can a web app be made by hosting it with Webflow?

Below are some examples that show this is possible. Let's explore!

1. Scoop


Scoop is a platform that helps you manage your employees and their work by handling time tracking, skills management, location tracking, communication, and workforce management all in one place. This easy-to-use software platform empowers teams to coordinate their time and work location while tracking the employee's daily productivity at the same time. Scoop provides businesses with a flexible desk system that makes it easy for employees to adjust where they work.

2. Thisopenspace


Thisopenspace is a website that helps you find creative spaces for your events. Whether you're hunting for a venue for a last-minute corporate meeting or planning a month-long art exhibition, their goal is simple: they want to take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on what really matters – your event.

3. Mo


Mo is a place for you to connect with your team and celebrate the moments that matter. With Mo, you can tell your story: share moments, feedback and ideas with the members of your team.

Capture moments on-the-go through their mobile app, then deepen it with additional sites with a rich text editor. You can share information where and when it's convenient with their iOS and Android apps or via the browser extension MeetMo. This brings context and conversations to where they happen in real-time: WhatsApp, email, Skype, Slack, Trello, Twitter, etc.

4. Freeplay


Freeplay is a mobile fitness app that provides live, in-person classes from elite personal trainers and coaches in your area. From yoga to kickboxing, pilates to power-clefting, Freeplay has classes for every fitness activity under the sun.

5. Flow


Flow is a decentralized content marketplace that enables you to buy, exchange and sell digital goods in an easy, fun, fast and private manner. Flow is a decentralized digital goods platform that leverages blockchain technology for the purposes of creating an open market for the buying and selling of NFTs and digital assets efficiently. An upcoming initial coin offering will introduce FLO tokens, a unit of currency for trading on the Flow platform.

6. Yesware


Yesware makes it easy to track email outreach and see if your emails are being read or not. It easily logs email outreach activity to your CRM. You can join thousands of happy users who are now able to close more deals.

7. Tribute


Tribute is an online service that allows you to make a group video gift for any occasion. After uploading a message & selecting the people who will appear in the video, Tribute automatically creates a video with music and photos of your friends. Each participant gets the footage in their inbox, so there are no files to send or download.

8. Snappr


Snappr is a photo booth rental service that allows you to book a professional photographer on-demand. With their easy-to-use platform, you can find a professional photographer for any occasion. It only takes 90 seconds to book; all you need to do is turn up and take your photos.

9. Canvas


Canvas is a diversity recruiting platform that uses self-reported diversity data to build complete profiles of job applicants and connect companies with diverse candidates through an online hiring process. Canvas helps companies create more diverse teams by capturing the most complete candidate profiles to date, engaging candidates throughout their entire hiring journey, and automating their sourcing activities—all with world-class recruiting software at their fingertips.

That’s all for now. When I explore new Webflow sites, I will share under this series.


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