9 unusual problems that can be solved using Data Scienceby@technoreview
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9 unusual problems that can be solved using Data Science

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  1. Translation of one programming language into another. For ex:- conversion of java into python and vice versa. Such a technology can solve many problems as libraries developed in one language will become compatible with other languages thus creating an open programming environment where people with different programming skills can collaborate to create fabulous applications.


2. With donations to political parties reaching a new high, political strategists have started playing a big role in election campaigns of big political parties. However by using big data and data science an edge can be achieved in this field. For ex:- User targeted posts on social media, region wise campaigns highlighting local problems and creating positive image of a party can easily be done using Big Data and Data Science.

3. Traffic prediction in Maps. For ex:- when you want to go to Hyderabad from Warangal, the time prediction by Google Maps uses the present traffic condition to predict time of travel. But instead it should use predictive analysis to predict traffic at locations at certain time and then use it to predict travel time.


4. According to a research 2.3 billion people have been affected by floods in the last two decades. Using data science and artificial intelligence, upcoming floods in the next 100–500 years can be predicted. These predictions can be used to build dams at correct locations to minimize loss.

5. Extensive research is going on using data science in defense. Data Science can be used to prevent illegal immigration, identify suspicious activities in crowded areas, predicting locations and movements of nuclear weapons in enemy countries, recognizing and tracking terrorists, detecting violence, flying drones, guiding missiles etc.


6. Using data science to predict earthquakes is a challenging problem which researchers have been trying to solve for years but with little success. A solution to this problem can save thousands of innocent lives and revolutionize disaster management.


7. Have you ever thought why we are not able to successfully vaccinate people against deadly viruses like the H1N1 virus and the Nipah virus, the reason is that every year these viruses undergo evolution rendering previous vaccination as useless. However using data science we can predict the evolution in these viruses and vaccinate people accordingly. This can massively reduce death tolls due to these deadly viruses.


8. Space researchers around the world spend most of their valuable time looking for planets that can support life. However data science and artificially intelligent systems can significantly reduce their efforts by searching for planets itself. Such smart systems will also perform faster and have higher accuracy than their human counterparts.


9. A solar flare is a sudden flash of increased Sun’s brightness, usually observed near its surface. Powerful flares are often, but not always, accompanied by a coronal mass ejection, with the most powerful ones barely detectable in the total solar irradiance. Solar flare can cause huge damage as they carry with them harmful radiations. They can bring down communication infrastructure causing a blackout. Data science can be used to predict these solar flares in advance so that arrangements to minimize loss can be made.


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