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9 Best Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science Internships in 2022

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Internships are a great way to get hands-on, practical experience in the fields of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. Those looking for internships in these, and related fields, should explore the options below.

Be sure to note requirements–some internships have minimum lengths and only accept those pursuing higher educational degrees while others offer rolling acceptance for a range of experiences and backgrounds.

All of them, however, will provide interns an opportunity to apply their theoretical and practical skills to real word, tangible scenarios.

Here are the Top 9 ML, AI, and Data Science Internships to consider for 2022:

1. Data Science Intern, Meta

Facebook’s Meta is hiring for a group of data science interns interested in learning more about using Data Science for more effective advertising, marketing, and sales applications. Interns can expect to gain real world experience in designing and executing data science projects, as well as in performing strategic analysis over the twelve week internship. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a quantitative field, as well as experience with data querying and manipulation and data analysis in a scripting language, is required to apply.

Apply here.

2. Machine Learning Intern, Motional

Self-driving vehicle company Motional is looking for Machine Learning interns to join its team for Summer 2022. Those interested can expect to get hands-on experience in research and developing Machine Learning strategies that can solve complex problems. Interns will also collaborate with additional teams for greater exposure and learning opportunities. Candidates must have a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Robotics, or a related field to apply.

Apply here.

3. Deep Learning and more, Borealis AI

Borealis AI is an AI and Machine Learning Research Institute funded by the Royal Bank of Canada. It is currently hiring virtual internships for Summer 2022 across Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Graphs and Optimization, Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Learning, Bayesian Optimization, Privacy and Fairness, Interpretability and Explainability, AutoML, Time Series Forecasting, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing areas such as ASR and Audio Intelligence. Candidates must hold a Master’s Degree or have experience working towards a Ph.D.

Apply here.

4. Machine Learning/AI Internship, Apple

Apple is looking to hire an AI/ML intern interested in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Optimization, and Reinforcement Learning. Those selected will research and develop cutting edge ML strategies and collaborate with broader teams across Apple. Candidates must be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, or greater, in a related field, have a strong publication record, excellent programming skills, and knowledge of common ML frameworks.

Apply here.

5. Research Intern, Applied Research - Natural Language Processing, Meta

Meta is also hiring for a Natural Language Processing research intern. Candidates should have deep interest in areas such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and NLP applications such as Sentiment Analysis and Speaker Diarization. Interns selected for the 12-week assignment will have the opportunity to make core algorithmic advances and submit research papers to top tier publications. Applicants who are currently pursuing a Ph.D. in a related field are preferred, though exceptional Master’s and Bachelor’s students may also be considered.

Apply here.

6. Autonomy - Deep Learning Infrastructure Intern, Tesla

Tesla is looking for a Deep Learning infrastructure intern to join its team for a minimum of 12 weeks, full time, starting in May or June 2022. If chosen, interns will be working on reinforcing, optimizing, and scaling Tesla’s Neural Network training infrastructure and building out its Machine Learning platform. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a university and have experience with Python, C++, PyTorch, and Machine Learning.

Apply here.

7. Artificial Intelligence Internship, Intel

Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. candidates are welcome to apply to Intel’s Artificial Intelligence internship, where they will work to build large scale AI systems and build Machine Learning algorithms. Interns will work with mentors to gain real world Machine Learning and AI experience and present their findings in internal presentations. Applicants are welcome to apply at any point during the year for rolling acceptance.

Apply here.

8. Research Internship, Allen Institute for AI

Full-time, year-round internships are also available at the Allen Institute for AI for undergraduate and graduate students. Applicants need to be interested in AI-related fields such as computer vision, question answering, textual entailment, knowledge representation, Machine Learning, NLP, and/or semantics. Research internships are remote during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apply here.

9.Internship, Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging, Stanford University

The Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging at Stanford University accepts post-doctoral, graduate, and a limited number of high school and undergraduate applicants to its research internship program. Internship foci vary based on availability. Post-doctoral scholars must have at least one first author publication to be considered.

Apply here.

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