The 8 Youngest and Most Accomplished Tech Entrepreneurs by@christian-parisi

The 8 Youngest and Most Accomplished Tech Entrepreneurs

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Tech startups, e-commerce stores and family businesses have all played a role in making some of the wealthiest tech based entrepreneurs of the decade. With the advancement of recent technology, there is now more young up and coming entrepreneurs today than any other point in our history. Forbes has ranked the youngest billionaire at just 22 years old, that being Alexandra Andressen, the young women who owns Ferd, the Norwegian investment company that runs hedge funds and actively invests in the Nordic Stock Exchange.

The worlds youngest billionaires currently consist of three women and seven men all from very different fields ranging from finance right down to food production. That being said, there is also a large number of promising entrepreneurs who have all played key roles in the foundation of vastly growing companies, agencies and platforms. 

Heres a list of the most promising and fast growing tech-related entrepreneurs of 2019. This list is based on current wealth, position and rate of growth on a corporate level. These rankings are also based on the past few iterations of rankings by Forbes magazine, particularly their “Under 30” list.

Alastair Aiken - 25


Better known as Ali-A, Alastair became one of the most popular content creators earlier this year through the popular video game “Fortnite”. Alastair has raked in a massive 15 million subscribers and 5 billion views on YouTube. Alastair’s channel has only began to hit new and exciting levels as 2019 goes into its 3rd quarter. Alastair is also quickly becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs to accumulate his entire wealth on a “gaming” based business model using YouTube as a platform.

Praveen Arichandran - 28


Praveen saw his first glimpse of major sucess at BMO Capital Markets and Facebook before joining Tesla’s executive team when he was just 25 years old. Without adapting the more traditional style of advertising, Tesla has become one of the most popular “word-of-mouth advertising” businesses in the world. Praveen is the only man on this list to currently be employed by a corporation.

Jeff Cripe - 29


Jeff entered into the world economy as a Birchbox employee until the foundation of his startup that consisted of three cab/ride companies. His company, Cargo, has taken the idea of a vending machine and pushed it towards the popular ride sharing business model. Uber drivers can now put a Cargo box of food and snacks in their vehicles, allowing customers to scan a QR code to pull up a menu of what is inside. Drivers receive a cut of every sale made. Cripe has recently entered into a major partnership with Uber.

Henry Hu - 25


In early 2016, Henry had dropped out of Babson College to begin developing his very own tech startup, Cafe X. Amongst the corporation's early days, it produced one of its most sought after products, a robotic coffee bar with the ability to make upto 40 drinks in a matter of seconds through the simple use of an industrial grade robotic arm and an interesting AI personality. Hu set himself on a promising route to revolutionise the food service industry through the use of advanced AI and robotics and had raised over $12 million in the process.

Amelia Friedman - 27


Amelia’s start-up, HatchApps, is a software development focused platform that looks at emulating the possibility of developing a fully integrated app without the need for code. After its foundation in 2015, the app has raised over $2.3 million. Amelia, alongside her partner Param JAGGI, the creator of Cards Against Humanity, have racked in a number of high stake investments from the likes of Morgan Stanley's Multicultural Innovation Lab, and the Y Combinator Fellowship.

Keno Fischer - 23


Earlier last year, Julia Computing became one of the most popular open source tools for machine learning and scientific computing, and at the forefront of it all was Keno Fischer, a former Harvard Student with a Bachelors of Arts and Science. It had received a total of 12 million downloads with connections to MIT, Stanford and thousands of universities across the globe. Since it’s inception in 2015, Julia Computing has raised over $4.6 million with grants from the likes of Sloan Foundations and Moore.

Liam J.E Gerada - 19


Despite his young age, Liam’s journey began when he managed to create a successful online consignment marketplace at age 17 whilst still attending college, which then went on to hit 100,000 orders earlier this year. Since then Liam has played a key role in the foundation of Krepling, one of the fastest growing e-commerce/business building platforms on the market. Krepling acts as a portal for users to create and build the online business of their dreams, without the need for complex coding or framework/development. The platform’s ingenuity has allowed it to develop a strong ecosystem of tech partners and has brought excitement amongst business owners and entrepreneurs alike.

Alex Canter - 26


Alex began his journey working for a family owned restaurant in Los Angeles, but it was during the crash of ‘08 that Canter began his real journey when he began his work on his very own startup. Odermark is a platform that has the simple aim of allowing for online ordering to become a thing for restaurants to embrace. Through advanced technology, the platform has simplified the process of basic restaurant operations. Since its inception the company has completed a Series A and has raised over $12.6 million.


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