7 reasons why you should try AngularDart

Everyone seems to be looking for that one major productivity booster. Here are the seven reasons why I think building your next web app with AngularDart might be what you’re looking for.

Disclaimer: I am biased. I work on the Dart team.

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1. It’s easy

Everything you need to build your very own AngularDart app in a few steps — including links to code labs and documentation — is now available on AngularDart.org.

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2. It’s rock solid

Google is using AngularDart big-time in Ads products like AdWords and AdSense. These are truly mission-critical apps bringing in much of Google’s who-knows-how-many-billion dollars of annual revenue. They can not fail. They are built with AngularDart. AngularDart can not fail.

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3. Batteries are included

AngularDart has a full set of core material design components available and the list keeps growing. Moreover, Dart comes with an opinionated, cohesive set of core libraries. No more searching around for the right JavaScript libraries and frameworks and worrying whether they are even compatible with each other.

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4. Tooling is just better

With the Dart plugin for JetBrains IDEs like WebStorm and IntelliJ IDEA and Dart-Code for VS Code you get all the nice things that developers have come to expect from modern software development tools — like auto-completion and proper support for safe code refactorization.

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5. It scales really well

When your app starts growing, you want to grow with it. Google have some very large teams writing and maintaining millions of lines of code in some really large apps. And it works.

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6. You get more stuff done

With AngularDart, chances are you’ll get to launch your app faster. Some of the Google teams that have switched to the AngularDart stack for building their web apps say they are twice as productive. What? They are getting twice as much work done. I’ll take that.

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7. Your app will still be fast

AngularDart gives you fast web apps — in spite of the potential overhead from the advanced features that it provides. AngularDart does this by analyzing and optimizing your code before it gets deployed. And it keeps improving.

Happier now? [pixabay]

In addition to all of this, you’ll likely also be a happier person and FWIW you’ll make me a happier person too. And who doesn’t want to be happier?

But don’t just take my word for it. My guess is you probably won’t. And given my strong bias you probably shouldn’t. But please give Will a chance. He leads one of the very large teams writing and maintaining one of the really large apps at Google.

At the Dart summit Will talked about how his team scored a hat-trick by using Dart for both Web, Android, and iOS.

That’s it. Appetite for more? Check out AngularDart!

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