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10 Most Sought-After Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2021

Python overtook Java in popularity and is the most searchable programming language among those who learn to program. Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C and 8.4 times faster. Kotlin is one of the most popular programming languages ​​for Android. C/C is the oldest C programming language used in almost 50 years and has been used everyday for everyday things. The language is used to run R programs and get results as graphics or text in MediaWiki. It is also used to analyze data sets in various projects with a large amount of statistical data.
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TIOBE estimates that there are over 256 different programming languages. The choice is wide enough, isn't it? However, programmers often use only 10-12 programming languages, the list of which changes every year. In this article, we will tell you about the 10 most in-demand programming languages that will lead the trend in 2021.

Programming Languages Rankings

First of all, it is worth mentioning what ratings of popular languages exist. We can distinguish two ratings: PYPL and TIOBE. The principle of their work is quite similar because they both focus on the most popular query in the search engines. 

However, the devil is in the details. While TIOBE measures the number of visits on popular search engines, PYPL measures the frequency of requests for textbooks on a programming language. And as you would expect, the results of the two charts differ. First, let’s look at the TIOBE rating. 

We have an opposite situation where Python overtook Java in popularity and is the most searchable programming language among those who learn to program.

Top 10 Programming Languages for 2021


When we formed our own list of popular programming languages, we decided to combine two things: the results of the PYPL chart and our own expertise. And you can see the result of this combination below. Let's get started on our top 10 most in-demand programming languages in 2021.

#10. Kotlin

And in 10th place, we have one of the most popular programming languages ​​for Android. The rapidly growing popularity of Kotlin is very easy to explain. Every year the number of users of Android devices grows, and the need of such a huge user base for high-quality applications in high-quality applications must be satisfied. For example, 124.4 million users of Android devices were registered in the United States last year.

Another distinctive feature is that this language is used not only for creating Android applications. For example, 31% of programmers use Kotlin to build server-side applications.

Distinctive features of Kotlin are:

  • Java compatibility
  • Great front and back end work
  • Efficient incremental compilation

#9. Swift

And next on our top is Swift. We could not miss it in any way since it is the most popular language for iOS development. When you hire iOS developers for your project, they are definitely know how to work with Swift. There are several reasons for this.

The first reason, the name speaks for itself. Swift is speedy and powerful. According to apple.com, Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C and 8.4 times faster than Python.

The second reason is the openness of the Swift language. It is an open-source language with easy-to-understand syntax. The combination of such characteristics makes the written code easy to read and maintain. And what is most surprising, this is noted by developers who have previously worked with a huge variety of other programming languages.

What sets Swift apart from other programming languages:

  • Open-source base
  • Stable ABI on all Apple devices
  • Objective-C compatibility

#8. Objective-C

A bit of historical background: Objective-C was the first programming language on the iOS platform and was the only one until 2014 when Swift replaced it. Despite the release of Swift and its growing popularity, Objective-C is still one of the most popular programming languages due to the old applications written in it and which require support.

Why is Objective-C so good:

  • C-based language
  • The language is based on static libraries
  • Runtime code compilation

#7. R Language

The scope of the R language is mainly directed at various analysts and data scientists. Roughly speaking, R is a statistics processing language.

Its functionality is specially designed for analyzing and studying data sets in various projects with a large amount of statistical data.

There is one interesting fact associated with this language. It is used to run R programs and get results as graphics or text in Mediawiki. Mediawiki is the software that everyone's favorite Wikipedia is based on.

What makes R language stand out:

  • Working with data analysis and machine learning
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Application industries: banking, healthcare, consulting, etc.

#6. C/C++

According to PYPL, C++ is as popular in search queries as the C programming language. The C programming language is one of the oldest languages ​​and has been used in programming for almost 50 years. In this language, such everyday things are written as:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • iOS, Android

Impressive, isn't it? C++ does not lag behind its progenitor and is a modified version of the C language. C++ is based on Object-Oriented Programming combined with the C syntax.

Besides that, these languages ​​are also similar in:

  • Base memory model
  • Interface export mechanism with separate compilation 
  • Basic syntax

#5. PHP

PHP is one of the main web development languages. Its distinctive feature is that it is used to write scripts on the server-side, and with its help, you can write web applications or websites of any complexity.

PHP is best used for rendering dynamic web pages.

Pros of the PHP programming language:

  • Open-source language
  • Easy to learn
  • Cross-platform language

#4. C#

C# is another variation of the C language that is not inferior to it in popularity. Its distinctive feature is that, in essence, it is the same familiar C language, but with the addition of various useful Java functions.

This combination made this language very versatile and broadened its scope. So as not to write for a long time, let's say so, using C#, you can create anything you want, from simple server applications to complex mobile games.

C# stands out for the following strengths:

  • Deep integration with Windows
  • Dynamic variables
  • Enumeration support

#3. JavaScript

So we moved on to the top three leaders in our ranking. Javascript has been one of the most popular programming languages ​​for several years now, and 2021 hasn't changed this tradition. This is due to the fact that Javascript is the cornerstone of web development, and no website can do without it.

And this is not surprising since, thanks to Javascript, we can see beautiful and multifunctional sites. Javascript is used to create various interactive elements on web pages, graphic effects. In addition, in this language, you can also create simple games and embed them on the pages of the website.

However, with the advent of ECMAScript 6, Angular, Node, Express, and React, Javascript's usefulness has become even greater. With its help, you can now work with client and server programming.

The main advantages of Javascript:

  • Wide range of frameworks
  • Useful data validation function
  • Compatible with various programming languages

#2. Java

Popular for many years, Java has been the favorite of many large companies. Industry giants such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay use the Java programming language in their arsenal to create functional web applications and powerful web server systems to improve their business.

In addition to being recognized by the world's business giants, the Java programming language is the official language for building Android applications. Google is pouring huge funds into the development of Java, and besides that, most of the Google Play Store applications are built using the Java language.

What is so good about the Java programming language:

  • Stability
  • High-quality compilation of the code
  • Cross-operating systems portability

#1. Python

Here it is, our main and most popular language of 2021. Python has gone through a long evolution and started out as a simple language for writing automation scripts. It is now a powerful and feature-rich language for web and mobile development.

How did this language become so popular? All thanks to the undeniable advantages in the form of consistent syntax, a single standard library, excellent documentation, and a huge variety of lightweight frameworks.

Now is the time to list the most important features of Python:

  • Object-oriented language
  • Asynchronous coding design
  • Wide range of applications

The Most Promising Programming Trends of 2021

Here we have presented our list of the main and most popular programming languages for 2021. However, in addition to programming languages, there are several more trends that we will meet in 2021. We take as a basis the annual Github report 'The State of the Octoverse'.

  • Dart (532%)
  • Rust (235%)
  • HCL (213%)
  • Kotlin (182%)
  • Apex (154%)

As you can see from the report results, one of the trends is Rust and Kotlin. These languages are statically typed languages, and their main field of application is type safety and compatibility.

Another trend is Dart, but in this case, the results shouldn't surprise you. Flutter is located in the GitHub trend repositories and has over 17 thousand commits.

And the final trend of 2021 is the growing popularity of HCL, which is a human-readable language and a true favorite of DevOps engineers.

Wrapping Up

Let's face it, it's very easy to get lost in all this diversity of languages. New languages ​​and other tools appear that make life easier for developers every year and make software creation many times more efficient. And to always be aware of everything, you should closely follow the trends and accept them because those who follow the trends gain a huge competitive advantage over those who do not. Besides, you will always be on the cutting edge of new technologies, and your software will be the most modern.


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