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7 Reasons to Launch Your Podcast With 4-7 Episodes

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While the podcast industry is quickly growing with a wide fan base and a large audience, uploading a podcast is not that easy. Those working in this field know that there are a huge number of misconceptions regarding the uploading of podcasts, which leads to the actual point of confusion.

While some suggest it is better to post a long and lengthy podcast for getting success, there are few who also suggest uploading a lot of short episodes to break the length. Hence, it is still a potential area of confusion for many - whether to opt for a lot of episodes or not. Here, we are going to talk about it in detail. So, let's have a look!

What is the secret to uploading episodes for a podcast?

The best rule for your first podcast is to upload at least three episodes to start. It is the most recommended sweet spot for podcast uploads.

The best idea is to launch your podcast with a few episodes, which ensures the proper growth of your podcast. Not only fewer episodes, but also it is important for your podcast to have interesting and useful content. Set your goal to create a podcast that helps you in entertaining your audience and serves rightly for the purpose you want to accomplish.

However, the launching of the first podcast with at least three episodes is very popular. But it is not always true or effective. The number of episodes that you are launching with is less effective, while the actual game plays the relevance of your content. However, launching fewer episodes helps you to get more reach and better traffic that you must need for the success of your podcast.

So, here are 7 reasons to back up the idea of launching your podcast with a fewer number of episodes.

1. Better showcasing of your content

While you target a podcast platform to share your ideas regarding your subject, it needs to be highlighted properly. Neither a limited number nor many episodes can offer the proper showcasing of your content.

A single-episode podcast that drones on for a long time often tends to sound monotonous and can discourage your listeners from paying attention. On the contrary, too many episodes refer to too much breaking, which disrupts the depth of the content. Thus, focus on fewer episodes to showcase your content properly.

2. Adds the sense of consistency

No matter what the subject of your podcast is, consistency is important for any content. Thus, a sense of consistency helps you to please your audience more, which is important to make your podcast flourish rightly. The launching of fewer episodes thus demonstrates a strong commitment towards staying consistent with the content, which makes your audience come back, again and again, to listen to you.

3. Gain more subscribers

Launching your podcast episode, along with the fewer number of episodes, thus leads you to gain more subscribers who are having a better taste for podcasts. This actually leads you to the audience, and you can actually show the right value for your creation. Ultimately, it leads to better subscription results, which mark the ultimate success of your podcast.

4. Boosts the interest of your audience

A podcast expert is always going to recommend you to do quality podcast editing over quantity, which may mean creating a fewer number of episodes for the launch.

Launching fewer episodes gives your audience a boost in interest. An open ending for the initial episodes may make them wait eagerly to go to the next one, which is great for gaining popularity. Thus, it is considered as one of the very efficient ways to impress your listeners so that they can keep coming back, again and again, to listen to your content.

5. Enhances the capabilities of sharing

Breaking your podcast into a fewer number of episodes makes it easier for your listeners to share it on various platforms. In case your audience finds it interesting and fails to share it with his/ her circle, the listener is more likely not going to come back. Thus, launching fewer episodes creates better chances for sharing the relevant content on a variety of platforms, which ultimately enhances the traffic in the show.

6. Helps you to get a better response with your content

While you opt for launching a few numbers of content, it enables your listeners to come more and more to listen to you. It efficiently gives your audience more content to which they can respond and share their thoughts. In this way, you can reach closer to your audience, which is essential for the popularity and better traffic for your podcast.

7. Builds loyalty and trust

Your ultimate goal is to build more trust and loyalty with your audience so that you can reach out to everyone with your creativity and thoughts. Releasing less content gives you better areas and opportunities with your podcast. It rightly lets you become stronger with your momentum and build authority to gain more growth for your podcast, which is your ultimate goal.


The benefits of launching your podcast with fewer episodes are much more than releasing it with single episodes. It enhances your visibility and makes your podcast friendly for the respective platforms, which is much important to enhance the traffic to your podcast in a strategic way.

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