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6 Trends to Redefine the Future of CrowdFunding

Crowd-funding is not a new concept for us. It has been for century. Once after online crowd-funding came to familiar, it seems like an advanced method of traditional crowd-funding. Crowd-funding has become a multibillion-dollar industry for artists, non-profits, successful business professionals and film makers. Now startups have joint the list!

It is estimated that global investment through crowd funding will be increased to $93 billion by 2015. Hence, future of crowd funding is bright than ever. Let’s have a brief history of how the crowd funding might be evolved.

Rise of Niche Platforms — Crowd funding was started as a niche platforms.

Investing in Startups — Crowd funding helped startups for raising capital

Educating the Investors — Crowd funding involved in educating the investors about equity, fundraising, investing and trends.

Technology in Crowd funding — With the increasing knowledge in crowd funding, it involved technology for targeting funders and promoting campaigns.

6 Trends to Redefine the Future of Crowd-Funding

Only Few Will Rule

No doubts, crowd funding has been rapidly developing. According to a recent report, there were only 308 crowd funding platforms in 2013, but it sky rocketed to 1,250 in 2014. So you can imagine how many platforms are being created every year.

Crowd funding is like social media, there are many platforms to be a member but only few of them gets recognized among people. So it is clearly visible that the future of crowd funding will be decided by powerful players which is very few.

According to Richard Sward, a crowd funding researcher, says, ‘There may be many platforms but only few will rule the sky”

Venture capitalists will require Crowd funding

It is estimated that the startup venture capitalists will require crowd funding in future. Even though they have already experienced with services and gaining experiences they launch crowd funding to get feedbacks from customers. SmartThings, FormLabs and MisFit are some of the examples of VC funded hardware setups.

According to Ethan Mollick, a management professor, “A crowd funded campaign is a good way to start your venture capitalist business and track its success”. As per CB insights, 443 hardware projects raised more than $100 on Indiegogo platforms.

More Professional and Strategic infrastructure

In the beginning there was a less clarity on strategy and professional infrastructure. With the increasingly developing crowd funding, it seems to have a better professional and strategic infrastructure. After the enactment 2013, the crowd funding begun to redefine strategic infrastructure, it is expected in 2018 crowd funding too. The relationship between the crowd funding managers and product manufacturers is fixed based on the complexity of a project. For instance, some companies charge higher as management fee, while some charge limited per campaign.

Since professional infrastructure is been improving and successful, massive crowd funding management agencies is going behind strategic and professional operational policies.

Crowd Funding for Nonprofits

Yes, as a non-profit it takes some time to get along with the new technologies. But, in crowd funding, everything has changed an abundance of non-profitable organizations tend to receive more money flow with crowd funding. It is done by creating account in the name of one of the specialized websites and wait for the money to return.

Planning to start off a new charitable project, consider below,

Chuffed — Works exclusively for charitable, 100% fund return is guaranteed

Classy — It uses conventional fundraising for charitable

Crowd Rise — Offers instant fund access to you as a charitable

Real Estate Crowd Funding

It is predicted that the real estate crowd funding will be raised as much as possible in future. Real estate crowd funding seems to have a skyrocketing market in future.

According to recent study, real estate has become the first preferable crowd funding option among 10 other fields. Real estate was predicted to have $124.95 and it achieved the target. It is because the real estate can easily escape from banks and leverage the financial power to reduce the cost to a minimum.

New Funding Models May Introduce New Dimensions

The arrival of different crowd funding models refines the shape of future of crowd funding. Recently Braveheart Investment Group allowed investors to make money in their area of interest. But this was then announced as illicit model. But it is predicted to be an efficient and effective in the near future. If the crowd funding has been increasing as predicted, new funding models may introduce new dimensions in future.

With increasing development of crowd funding it is important to stay with trend. Crowd funding depends on how you get your campaign done. So, what is the point? Put the boring websites away and include videos, photos, and graphics to your campaign. Have a lucrative crowd funding!

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