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34 Stories To Learn About Crowdfunding

by Learn RepoJune 23rd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Crowdfunding via these 34 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Crowdfunding via these 34 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. 5 Reasons For Investors To Consider Tokenized Assets in 2020

With the word “tokenized” being present in the title, most likely some readers thought that this is another think piece on blockchain and how it’s going to inevitably disrupt every industry as it was widely mentioned in 2017 during the bull market. I won’t lie – the blockchain will be mentioned. But not in the way you've heard before.

2. The Future of Finance Writing Contest by Bricktrade x HackerNoon

Participate in the Future of Finance Writing Contest and win from $2000 prize pool!

3. Why Decentralized Crowdfunding Could Be The Better Option

Running a successful crowdfunding campaign in the cryptocurrency space has posed many roadblocks over time. Finding a solution to this problem will require a decentralized approach. Centralized crowdfunding is not what this industry needs right now.

4. Deeper Network's Connect And IDO Launch: the Latest News

Deeper Network, which is building the decentralized internet infrastructure for the Web 3.0, has broken Indiegogo records by raising over $1 million to become the most successful blockchain project in the history of the crowdfunding platform.

5. The Real Take on Real Estate Crowdfunding Challenges in 2020

Could crowdfunding be the new frontier for real estate investing? Crowdfunding is an emerging industry alternative to property investment trusts for modern investors looking to gain exposure to real estate.

6. Smartlands Launches Fundraising Campaign on Seedrs

Without any further ado we can say that this is  the defining moment in the history of the Smartlands + Smartee ecosystem. And now it gives us great pleasure to announce that Smartlands + Smartee has now launched a private stage of the fundraising round on Seedrs - a leading equity crowdfunding platform for investing in startups and later-stage businesses throughout Europe. The private stage will go on for 5-7 days, you are welcome to participate, and as an early backer you will receive an Exclusive Golden Smartee Co-Owner Payment Card. In the case shares remain available post-private sale, the campaign will open to the general public so if early-stage investing is not for you we hope to see you later anyway!

7. Decentralized Crowdfunding: A New Way of Funding Seed Stage Startups

Many decentralized funding platforms are emerging that are helping new startups raise funding for their business by tokenizing the business ownership.

8. TRON + Streaming Solution = Barrier-Free Content Consumption

We live in a day and age where technology has made everything easy. Gone are those days when we need a pigeon to deliver a message, write letters to communicate or have difficulties in traveling long distances. One more aspect in which technology has made life convenient is in creating marketplaces for buying and selling. Technology has made it possible to sell anything from anywhere you are to wherever your buyer is located, independent of borders or distance. Isn’t that fantastic?

9. Introducing the Crowdfunding Platform for Women

Starting up business, if you are cash strapped, can be pretty tough. It is still workable, but the journey is longer. Having extra funds helps you sustain your business operations and makes it easier to scale for growth.

10. How NFTs Can Turn Musicians Into Entrepreneurs and Fans Into Investors

Security NFTs combine the ownership and transparency of NFTs with an innovative investing framework turning musicians into entrepreneurs and fans into investors

11. Blockchains for Crowdfunding

It is no secret that Crowdfunding hold a tremendous potential in helping entrepreneurs and creators in pushing their projects forwards and gathering much needed financial resources. In 2018, The crowdfunding market size was valued at 10.2 billions dollars and was set to almost triple by 2025.

12. The Banks Have Gone Mad and the System is Broken

The rise of peer to peer crowd-lending, tokenization and the slow death of bank

13. Top 6 Types Of Finance Technologies To Grow Your Business

Finance technology has a broad scope of application that keeps revolutionizing the field. Here is an overview of the main 6 ones that enable business growth.

14. Create a Crypto Crowdfunding Widget From a Few Lines of Code

Create a crypto crowdfunding widget from a few lines of code

15. Can the Combination of STO + IEO Become the New Step in Crowdfunding Evolution?

Content of the Article:

16. Outtakes From The First Draft of Hacker Noon's Crowdfunding Campaign

It's been over 14 months since we launched the Hacker Noon Equity Crowdfunding Campaign and almost a year since we successfully raised the max amount of $1.07M.

17. Why Is Crypto A Technical Revolution?

Cryptocurrency is the buzzword. But have you thought why? With this article read about why it's the technical revolution & how it has been a game changer.

18. Poor Acting VCs are a Threat to Credible DeFi Projects: Unhashed #22

Unhashed is a QnA series where I speak with top execs of new and established blockchain projects to unravel the mystery of blockchain & crypto.

19. How Didactic's Move to Crowdfunding Signals Opportunity for All

Didactic's crowdfunding will change the crowdfunding space.

20. How Crowdfunding 2.0 Solves The Pope’s Vision of A Better World

Business enterprises all over the world have started looking beyond just means of generating revenue and begun taking measures to address social issues. There is no dearth of problems around us which need solving, and companies have come up with innovative ideas to connect their core business practices with social enterprise opportunities.

21. The Crowdfunding Landscape: From Smartwatches to ICO Scams and IDOs

Crowdfunding has been hugely successful for many B2C companies but how do you fund a startup when your product is digital?

22. Millennial investors: the most powerful crowdinvesting force

In 2019, small and medium businesses looking to raise capital often choose crowdinvesting over venture capital and other traditional fundraising methods.

23. How SeedOn Is Bringing Smart Contracts to Equity Crowdfunding

SeedOn is using smart contract technology to create a blockchain-based escrow system for crowdfunding platforms.SeedOn is a crowdfunding platform

24. The Difference Between Launchpads and Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

The difference between launchpads and equity crowdfunding platforms is often vague, but they're actually widely different. We share the full details here!

25. How to Build an Awesome Web3 Crowd-Funding Platform with React, Solidity, and CometChat

How do you develop a smart contract for your Dapp? How do you best design the Dapp interface? How do you connect the front end to the backend smart contract?

26. Why Are Businesses Raising Equity with Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding was not the easiest choice to make, but it kept us true to our core values of trust, transparency, and user-centricity.

27. Pros and Cons of Equity Crowdfunding

Investing in Startups is really great thing that you can do with you investment portfolio.

28. What is a Cryptocurrency Crowdsale and How Does It Work?

Cryptocurrency crowdselling is a form of crowdfunding within the digital realm of cryptocurrency.

29. 5 Ways Crowdfunding Supports Women-Led Startups

Whether you are just starting out or already have a business or growing your own brand, IF you believe that your idea and business can go further (and you should think BIG if you are a Womenpreneur!), do explore the option of crowdfunding them.

30. Is Real Estate Crowdfunding Worth It?

Curt M. Westfield , managing partner of WC Companies in Tampa , Florida, says 9 out of 10 millionaires have made their fortunes by investing in real estate. Actually, this is the secret of the so-called American dream - you invest money in some premises and start increasing your capital every month, without making any special efforts.

31. How to get Funding for Your Startup

If you are a startup looking for funding, it can be difficult to know where to begin with all the options available.

32. A Thorough Guide on How Wefunder Works

What is Wefunder? How do you get starting crowdfunding your business? Read this in-depth guide to find out.

33. How Crowdfunding Impacts the Crypto Market

Let's look at how crowdfunding and how it relates to the crypto market.

34. 10 Non-Influencers redefining Influence. Opportunity: $1 Million USD Funding to fight COVID-19

Since my previous article about COVID Innovations, in which I highlighted 20 ordinary professionals and companies undertaking extraordinary actions to drive change to tackle this pandemic, new change makers have emerged on the horizon. Acting as role models worthy of our admiration and attention, more and more industry giants are taking the lead, including:

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