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6 Tips to Get More Value Out of Your Microsoft Power BI Dashboard & Reports

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The human brain processes images at a rate that is 60,000 times quicker than text. Through Microsoft Power BI, you can present information visually coherent and engaging manner. This means that by using Power BI, you will be able to increase the efficiency of your company through its interactive insights and visual clues. 

If you are a business owner looking to get the most of your company's information, Power BI from Microsoft Power BI is one of the most effective ways to gain access to information that provides all of the information you need to know, just by looking at a graph. 

The software is continuously evolving and growing. At one time it had more than 265 features that were added within 12 months. 

It's not surprising that, since its debut at the beginning of 2014, Power BI has become the most popular business intelligence platform for dashboards and reports and has more than 5 million users. 

Microsoft Power BI comes with an array of functions that can be used for management, business operations and productivity.

8 Significant Benefits Power BI Provides

1. Integrates seamlessly with current applications 

Power BI integrates easily with your current business environment, which allows you to take advantage of the capabilities of analytics and reporting. Microsoft Azure consultants can also assist you in using this powerful tool to incorporate interactive visualizations into your applications quickly.

2. Rich personalized dashboards

The most impressive aspect of Power BI can be found in the info dashboards that can be tailored to meet the needs of any business. It is possible to easily integrate the dashboards and reports from BI into the application to create a unifying user experience.

3. Reports can be published securely

The tool allows you to create automatic data refreshes and create reports that allow users to access the most current information.

4. No memory or speed limitations

Moving an old BI system to a powerful cloud environment that has Power BI embedded removes limits on speed and memory, making sure that data is easily accessible and analysable.

5. No technical assistance is needed

Power BI provides agile inquiry and analysis, without the need for technical assistance that is specialized. It is a highly natural language interface, as well as using intuitive graphics design tools.

6. Extracting business intelligence quickly and precisely

It aids in the transformation of your data from the enterprise into stunning images, thereby gaining information from the business environment for better decision-making.

7. Achieved balance between simplicity and speed

The in-memory analytical technology as well as the DAX, the scripting language, are stunning examples of how to strike a balanced performance and simplicity. 

8. Advanced data services support

Microsoft Power BI development teams can assist in integrating the environment seamlessly with the latest cloud-based services, such as Cognitive Services Cortana, Cortana, or the Bot framework. Therefore, they will provide the results of the data query that is verbally expressed with natural language. 

Next, let's look at the best techniques to make the most effective use of the Power BI Dashboards as well as reports.

6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Power BI Dashboard

1. Put Priority Information First

While browsing through data, people generally prefer to read in order from top to the bottom. This means that showing priority information first is vital. 

Priority information is displayed first, which means that even if the user quits early, they'll still have gone through the most crucial points. 

This method of prioritizing information can increase the distribution of information among users. 

2. Make Use of Tooltips

The tooltip feature lets users create pop-ups of text with additional details. They appear when the mouse hovers on an object. 

This means that you'll be capable of creating reports with greater depth and still keep them simple. 

Tooltips are set to the data point value and the category. However, they are able to be modified to give more relevant information. 

3. Utilize Fullscreen Mode

Have you ever heard that we are able to focus for only 8 seconds? This means we're easily distracted. 

When using Microsoft Power BI desktop mode the fullscreen feature is able to solve this. 

In fullscreen mode, you can hide the functions and menus. This makes it possible to keep reports clean and pay focus on the report. 

To make a more targeted display, Power BI also offers the option of focusing mode. This mode permits specific images to be displayed in more depth. 

Similar to Tooltips, the focus mode provides users with more detail, which includes the ability to zoom in on the table's metrics. This improves the accuracy of analyzing data. 

Combining these two options provides the opportunity for greater deep discussion in presenting information to your viewers. 

4. Download the Microsoft Power BI App 

Utilizing Power BI, the Power BI app, you're capable of accessing reports and dashboards at any time, using any mobile device. 

The application is fully touchscreen-integrated, allowing you to build interactive reports that assist to keep readers engaged. 

Additionally, it has real-time alerts that inform you when something significant happens in your data. 

The push notifications let you remain connected, giving you immediate accessibility to the current status of your account information. 

5. Correct Integration of Data Warehouses

Data warehouses can be used to keep both historic and current data. Power BI accepts both static as well as live data. 

Microsoft Power BI is built upon the use of data warehouses like Excel. In the end, the correct integration of your data is crucial. 

The static data can be used to give a clear overview of your data for a particular amount of time. This can be helpful to perform analysis. 

The live data is able to display live-time data with images that automatically adjust to new data sets, seamlessly making sure you are up-to-date. 

6. Clearly Communicate Data

It is crucial to ensure that the Power BI report should convey three important details that include: Project health milestones, risks, and concerns. 

Making this information readily accessible will enable you and your company to track project accomplishments, progress and areas for improvement quickly. 

This can be accomplished through context-specific visualization, that is, by including only charts and data which are pertinent to the data set you'd like to present. There are a variety of custom-designed visualizations that can help you convey your message to your customers in the business. 

The most effective method to accomplish this is to pose one question, and then try to answer it with your data, while staying true to the original question. Data analytics using data visualizations is the most effective way to convey tracking information. 

Learning these six techniques for creating effective Microsoft BI Dashboards & Reports can help you keep pace with the evolving technology and effectively use it. 

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by Imenso Software @imensosoftware.Imenso Software is a client focused custom software development company.
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